Packers under the radar


I must say, I have been enjoying the non-stop Tim Tebow coverage and the other NFL stories that collectively seem to be keeping the Packers under the radar. This is all a continuation really of the incredibly quiet off-season for the Super Bowl champs. And I like it. While the Packers have a high profile nature on game days (many of their plays are spectacular/highlight reel type plays because they are an incredibly good football team), they don’t have a high profile at all when they are not playing. And this is how it should be. They are behaving like champs – like they’ve been there before – because they have been there before.

To some extent, I think the way the players/staff manage themselves is a reflection of their leadership – TT and MM. Neither guy invites attention to himself. Both guys get down to business and focus. They just don’t let potential distractions (like Erik Walden’s situation) and things like injuries get in the way. Things are dealt with swiftly and quietly. It really is amazing to me that both of our middle LBs went down and were out a few games – and there is (and was) zero “buzz” about this. It just doesn’t matter I think because everyone knew we had a contingency plan and that 2 other capable guys would step in and be OK. For a higher profile team, like say Dallas or the NYJ or someone, there would have been a lot more made of a MLB being out with an injury.

We’re going about this the right way and as fans we should be proud.


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