Game Thoughts Packers/Raiders

  • Rodgers had an off game. 2 tds to 1 pick and a number of drives stopped (but at least FGs) deep in Raider territory. More significant however, was the fact that he was 17 of 30. Why is this significant? Because Aaron Rodgers knows he was 17 of 30 and he also knows that his last few games have brought his incredible completion percentage down quite a bit (it was over 72% I believe until the last few games). He gets fired up about things like this. He demands perfection from himself and when he’s not great, it ticks him off. Look for a big game from Rodgers next week at KC. He’ll be ticked.
  • Great overall effort by the team today. Not surprising that the Raiders didn’t show up. They are no longer good.
  • Francois and Smith both made some tremendously athletic plays. That is the second pick now by Francois when he’s extended fully and made a great hands catch high like that. He is a talented dude. Both guys had 7 tackles and were just very active out there. It’s interesting when I see that they were tied for 2nd in tackles (Burnett had 10), it makes me wonder again why there is often a big difference in tackles between Bishop and Hawk. These two manned the middle well today.
  • Peprah had a huge hit today. I like to see that. Great play (I believe against Louis Murphy).
  • I thought it was kind of lame when Slocum was all worked up over the missed extra point – we were up 43-7 at that moment. Then McCarthy came over to check on the situation. That wasn’t tight coaching seeking perfection – that was a meeting of coaches who were so thoroughly bored they simply were trying to conjure up drama.
  • It was nice to see Grant have a good game. A few of his runs were as good as they were primarily because he made the right decisions/cuts and that’s a comfort. He ran with an energy today that was very positive.
  • I enjoy watching Shane Lechler punt. He didn’t have his best day today, but he’s still fun to watch. Every year, he and Mike Scifres, the punter for San Diego, place a significant wager on which guy will have the best gross average. And every year, it’s usually really close between those two. Right now Lechler is ahead by 2 yards (50.8 to 48.7). Nice lives they have – I’m jealous.
  • Shocking that as immobile as Carson Palmer is back there, we had just 1 sack. I thought it would be a sackfest back there today. Maybe it would have been but instead Palmer just threw up easy picks.
  • Once again McCarthy called a great game. Even though Rodgers stats weren’t that great, we had a nice mix of run pass and as has often been the case recently, we’ve left defenses guessing most of the game. Very nice.
  • The Packers are really good and this is really fun.

5 Responses to “Game Thoughts Packers/Raiders”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    [The Raiders] are no longer good.

    Eh, the Raiders were never really very good (except, I guess, as compared to all those seasons they never made it past 5 wins).

    Especially without Darren McFadden, they just aren’t that dangerous.


  2. Dave K Says:

    PFT is reporting rumors of a possible MCL tear for Jennings. That would be the same injury that Forte had last week and is usually a 2-6 week injury depending on severity and what position the player plays. I guess the good news is that the Packers won’t have a playoff game for 5 weeks.

  3. Bob Says:

    There are three things I noticed about Jenning’s injury. First, when he came off the field on his own, his manner of limping seemed really different than what you normally see in a player that injures one of his ligaments. (I am not sure this is good or bad?) Secondly, the trainers, and even Jennings himself, seemed preoccupied with the top center of the knee, which, though I am not a doctor, makes me wonder if the injury has more to do with the knee cap than a ligament. Lastly, usually when the trainers suspect a ligament injury they put ice on the injury right away. In Jennings injury of today, that was not the case at all. As a matter of fact, after being evaluated, he was on the sideline for another 5 to 10 minutes before being carted off, and perhaps I missed it, but even when he went off, I did not see any sort of ice bag.

  4. Dave K Says:

    MCL covers the top of the knee. Holds the patella in place. I think Finley tore his last year and it ended his season. But, I know a lot of players recover in 2-6 weeks if only sprained. Good news he is getting an MRI this morning as it means not too much swelling.

  5. RayMidge Says:

    It was interesting to see Sherrod get some time at LT . From what I remember he looked overmatched at times in the preseason, but he must be improving in practice. My impression was that he played very well yesterday.

    I loved the commitment to the running game and the success both Grant and Saine enjoyed. Hopefully they are being cautious with Starks and he returns to give them some impressive depth and scary versatility.

    Like everyone I am concerned about losing Jennings for any amount of time, but Driver seems fresh right now because of the light workload early in the season, and if Cobb gets extended exposure I am confident he will produce some big plays. The Pack can probably withstand losing Jennings for a short amount of time, but he is needed for a Super Bowl run.

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