Quarless with apparent sprained knee injury


Sorry – I reported yesterday that it looked like a clean break. But McCarthy said in his press conference it was a badly sprained knee. (Didn’t realize Quarless’ knee was located down by his shin – still think that looked just like a snapped tibia or fibula.)

Also concerning are the injuries to Starks and Woodson. Hoping they can get back in short order.


3 Responses to “Quarless with apparent sprained knee injury”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    In the least shocking news of the season, Quarless is out for the season. The article says he will need surgery.

    Also mentioned in the article: “[Coach McCarthy] remains comfortable with receiver Jordy Nelson playing on special teams”

  2. Chase Says:

    I saw the replay of this injury and thought that there was a definite fracture but it is amazing how these guys bodies can bend the way they do without breaking. Recovery from a sprained knee should not be bad at all http://sportsinjuryadvice.com/injuries/knee/kneesprain

    Most teams sit players out with this injury just to play it on the safe side.

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