Bishop/Hawk out Sunday


Read here. This could be interesting. While both are important players to the team for different reasons, I find I’m not as worried as maybe I should be that our two MLBs will be out. Hawk showed some mild improvement for a couple weeks but then went back to mediocrity (or below). Bishop continues to be a force and I think we’ll miss him way more than Hawk, but frankly, he struggled at times in coverage. Just like I thought Bishop was better than Hawk and Barnett 3 years ago, I think DJ Smith is already better than Hawk. And the athleticism Francois showed with that fantastic pick last week was amazing. These guys are both good athletes and they will be ready to go. Not sure why I’m so confident, maybe because I’ve seen the Pack work through issues like this before – but I have a feeling that these guys will end up being positive factors in this game.

In fact, I’ll go on record predicting a big, memorable hit by DJ Smith.


6 Responses to “Bishop/Hawk out Sunday”

  1. Schaefer Says:

    Love your enthusiasm…however NY is a veteran team and will likely expose us over the middle more than a few times.

    I agree though that the loss of Hawk is not something to really worry about. The Frenchy will more than make up for his loss. Bishop’s toughness is harder to replace…

    Go Pack!

  2. Scott L Says:

    Andrew have you noticed the interest in the team rachet up a notch since thanksgiving? Espn has had a packer section on their crawl all week. Get to 12-0 vs the G men and it will start to get crazy.

  3. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Wasn’t D.J. Smith the guy that dove for the onside kick during the TB game, in spite of the fact it clearly wasn’t going 10 yards?

    A big-time rookie mistake, even if it (just barely) didn’t cost the Packers a possession. Hopefully his lack of experience won’t be an issue Sunday.

    @Schaefer, you talking about Jason Pierre-Paul? Yeah, he’s definitely been one of the bright spots for the Giants this season, and somebody we’re going to have to watch out for.


    • Rusty Says:

      Might be wrong, but I think it was Ryan Taylor who messed up the onside kick.

      Communication will probably be the biggest concern. Two new guys carry the headsets. Neither Bishop or Hawk are all that athletic.

  4. Dave K Says:

    Next Man Up gave us Bishop last year and made Barnett’s big cap number expendable. I’m guessing Hawk might have the same worry.

    I think that MLB is the least important position on a true 3-4 defense. Yeah, you need assignment sure players that can tackle but you sure can cope with mediocre at that spot if needed more so then other positions. It’ll be fun to see what these younger guys can do.

    Losing this game @ the Giants just might not be the end of the world. The team is banged up a bit and losing would take away all that perfect season pressure and may refocus this team on what really matters. Plus, it taps the brakes on a Bear’s wildcard run. I’m sure I’ll be screaming at the TV if the Packers lay an egg but come Monday I don’t think it matters much….except to the Bears.

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