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Too many pocket passes for Rodgers tonight

November 14, 2011

Seems odd but few of our pass plays are rolls outs it seems tonight. We calling a lot of pass plays from what seems like a tight pocket that is collapsing quickly. We should get Rodgers rolling out to keep the Vikes D honest.


Pack looks very solid so far

November 14, 2011

Sorry a bit late to chime in here but I was at a class/speech. Ridiculous that anything would be scheduled to overlap with the Packers in WI.

Very pleased with how game has gone so far.

Nice pick there by Tramon and blitz by Bishop. Pack’s D looks very good as I suspected they might. They playing mad like they should.


Packers/Vikings Preview

November 14, 2011
  • The Vikings are a better team with Christian Ponder at QB. He has been decent so far and the team seems energized with him at the helm.
  • Jared Allen has been a monster this year. He has 12.5 sacks this year and I’m pretty sure he’ll have another 1-2 sacks tonight. My hope is that Rodgers just takes them and goes down and doesn’t try to make too many plays when Allen is in pursuit. I don’t want a tool like Allen hurting Rodgers.
  • Trying to think of more positive things re the Vikes. Peterson’s good. That’s about it.
  • The Vikings are not that good. They will be pumped up, Peterson will be try to run tough, Ponder will be excited for the high profile game and Frazier will think he has some kind of special defensive plan to confuse Rodgers. But it’s just not going to happen tonight.
  • Tonight, the story of the game will be the Packers’ defense. Don’t think a bunch of seriously under-performing guys who contributed to the Super Bowl run last year for the Packers are content with where things are at. They’re not and I think tonight the defense will take a step toward recovery here.
  • Our offense won’t have too much trouble with the Vike’s D.
  • Our special teams will also be good.
  • For about 4 seconds last week, I considered picking the Vikings in an upset. Dumb thought. No upset. Packers 37, Vikings 10.

Annoying commentators

November 7, 2011
  • Sorry – but I just can’t stand this. Every comment is a lovefest comment as if we’re watching the greatest game we’ve ever seen. And every play is the greatest play. I know our society is in the throes of hyperbole gone wild – but this is ridiculous. Many of these plays have been very normal and not deserving of the laud-fest that’s going on in the booth. And it’s not just Gruden – Jaws gets into it too. Come on fellas – be real.

MNF observations

November 7, 2011
  • Jon Gruden annoys me mostly because he only makes positive comments. Clearly someone somewhere along the way told him not to be negative. So, he simply never says anything negative and the result is that it’s annoying as can be. But most problematic is that he then doesn’t have credibility then as a commentator. Sometimes, what has to be said is that someone royally messed up – and that’s why I like Collinsworth.
  • The Eagles have a weak defense – really weak. It’s odd considering the CB talent they have – lots of times the WRs for the Bears have been wide open. Kind of like the Packers’ secondary yesterday against the Chargers.
  • The Bears got a bit full of themselves in the first half. It was incredibly obvious that going into halftime, the Bears would come out flat and Philly would take over.
  • Roy Williams is awful. Just sucks. They showed him running a long crossing/post route (the easy pass he dropped) and he was traveling at less than 1mph. He is awful.
  • I absolutely love watching Michael Vick throw the ball. At the risk of drifting too much into all-good-ness, it’s art when he throws the ball. It’s just cool.
  • LeSean McCoy is the hardest RB in the NFL to tackle. Yes it sucks to bring down AP, Steven Jackson, Ray Rice, Beanie Wells, MJD, Chris Johnson, Arian Foster, Darren McFadden, etc etc etc. But McCoy is so fast and quick while being decent sized it’s amazing. He is a really good back.
  • Imagine Charles Tillman and Charles Woodson being CBs on the same team. There would be 5 forced fumbles a game.

Woodson weighs in – Pack’s D questionable

November 7, 2011

Read here from PFT and here from the GB Press Gazette. He’s not happy with yesterday’s defensive performance, nor was Tramon. I’m glad they’re calling it as it is. Yes, I too am happy, like McCarthy, to be 8-0. That by itself is a very impressive accomplishment in today’s NFL. But we’re bound to lose a few games, especially to better offensive opponents who manage to keep pace with our offense. Rosenthal from PFT asks which NFC team will put up the points needed to beat us. I think right now the Eagles and the Saints are two who could do it and they are 2 teams I still think will be in the mix at the end of the year.

This defense needs to improve.

Game Thoughts Packers/Chargers

November 6, 2011
  • Rodgers is the best player in the NFL. He’s not just the best QB – he is the best football player in the NFL. Period.
  • Rodgers’ 21/26 passing day was stellar as were his 4 TDs. But many of his 52 yards rushing came at critical moments in the game. There is practically nothing more demoralizing for a defense than to cover the pass options super tight for a good 5-7 seconds only to have the QB squeeze out of the collapsing pocket and pick up a needed first down. Defenses are left asking “what more can we do?” The answer: nothing.
  • I really like how James Starks runs. He runs with a certain abandon that makes him a fairly scary guy to try to tackle. He will earn his yards and he will make defenders pay for tackling him.
  • Our WRs are very talented. All of them. Rodgers often puts it right on the money making their jobs relatively easy – but even Rodgers has some off throws that they often manage to pull down. Rodgers has some really top notch targets to throw to.
  • Finley was good today. He had some big catches – though in the end he was outplayed by his counterpart Gates.
  • Rodgers was under more pressure today than normal. He escaped a fair number of times, but he was sacked 4 times and under serious pressure a bunch of other times. As good as he was today, there were a few of those odd moments that he’d have his first year where he made odd choices in the pocket and essentially invited the sacks. Still, hard to blame the guy much for stuff today – he was very good.
  • If our defense didn’t cause turnovers, we would be absolutely awful. We allowed nearly 500 yards of offense to San Diego (actually 470). We will now be close to the bottom of the NFL in defensive yards allowed. I am the first to acknowledge that teams with super powerful, quick-scoring offenses have a more difficult task defensively. It’s just plain tougher often because they don’t have time to take a rest. But that’s no excuse here – our defense is weak. There were plays for San Diego when 2-3 guys were absolutely wide open – including 2 of the TD passes. Absolutely terrible coverage.
  • While we gave up 85 yards on the ground – which isn’t horrendous – we gave up 385 yards threw the air (to a QB whose right elbow appears to be attached to his pelvis). And again – many of those plays were super, super easy. Capers has some serious work to do.
  • The reason I keep saying “if we didn’t cause turnovers” the defense would be the worst in the NFL – is because I’m very concerned about playing a team with even a decent offense that doesn’t commit lots of turnovers. Teams that take care of the ball should have a decent shot at beating us – because one of the assumptions lots of us make is that Rodgers and co will just continue to play at the level they’re playing at. I sure hope so – but frankly, if Rodgers in particular keeps this up, we’re looking at the greatest season an NFL QB has ever had. I don’t want to have to bank on that – and unless defense can get its act together, we may have to.
  • Something is wrong with Tramon Williams. His pick 6 was absolutely fantastic – no doubt. But his coverage today was terrible. Just awful. Jackson ate him up. He was burned by Crayton and even Vincent Brown at different times today. He was really bad.
  • I’m really wondering if we’re missing Nick Collins back there. Peprah had a good game tonight with 2 picks for sure – but I just don’t think he and Burnett are doing it back there. It’s just way too easy for opposing offenses.
  • One odd thing about our defense is that it often has the look of a 4-2 front (instead of the 3-4 we’re apparently playing). So many times throughout a game Bishop and Hawk look like they’re left to cover the entire 2nd level. Woodson helps sometimes, but mostly it’s just those two. And neither of them are good in coverage and neither of them have great lateral movement to cover to the sidelines. Something needs to be tweaked by Capers if we’re going to take down some of the better teams out there.
  • Our special teams play has been really good. Crosby is very good this year – best in the NFL. But Masthay was also quite good at least tonight – his last punt there at the end of the game. was huge as it gave SD a huge field to cover to score a TD to tie. Nicely done (and good punt coverage too).
  • Peprah should have NEVER run that last interception back. He must have had the Packers’ D in fantasy football or something trying to get that TD like that. Just not smart.

Gates gets every call

November 6, 2011

Don’t like that call on Woodson. Gates was pushing away too (though I know Woodson can’t technically touch him).

Nice play by Shields right there. Very nice.


Agreed – Bishop on Gates not a great idea

November 6, 2011

Several comments have been made about keeping Bishop on Gates – don’t like that match-up. I love Bishop but he’s not good enough to hold down Gates. I still think Woodson should be on Gates (unless he’s been busy with Jackson – not sure.)

Crosby is money this year

November 6, 2011

Wow – he’s been good. He was one of TT’s guys that folks had reason to criticize still – not this year. He’s been awesome.