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Stunning fact about Ray Rice

November 16, 2011

I was just casually reading some articles on the NFL and I learned from one article in particular, that Ray Rice only makes $600,000 per year. For some reason, I was shocked to read about this. I guess this struck me because of all we hear about the DeSean Jackson saga, the Chris Johnson holdout, Matt’s Forte’s public whining etc… I haven’t heard squat from Ray Rice on this. No, I don’t follow Ray Rice’s contract situation in such depth that I’d necessarily be aware of all he’s said about his contract situation. But I haven’t heard anything noteworthy at all this year about the fact that one of the NFL’s best RBs is playing for $600,000 in the final year of his contract. Statistically, without even looking it up, I’m positive he’s in the top 5 in yards from scrimmage in the last 3 years. The guy is a very good runner but also a great receiver out of the backfield. While it’s refreshing to learn a player is playing out his contract despite the clear fact that he has “outperformed” the contract, if I were Balt, I wouldn’t let this go much longer without getting him signed. He’s a franchise back.


Game Thoughts Packers/Vikings

November 14, 2011
  • Not much to say except that was total dominance. The Packers are really good and the Vikings are not.
  • One note of caution as hype will build over 16-0 possibilities etc – is that the Packers have not played a very difficult schedule this year. Yes they are blowing folks out – but they are often blowing out teams they should blow out (reminds me a bit of ’96.). These next 7 games should be interesting as we play some better teams.
  • I sort of thought the D would come out worked up. They did and they played really well. If we can do that in the coming games, we should be in good shape – even against better opponents.
  • I really like how James Starks runs. I’ve said this a few times now. But today, perhaps because of the opponent, Starks really reminded me of Adrian Peterson. Both run with that kind of jerky back and forth motion, they both often make good choices re cuts and they can run over tacklers who have taken a bad angle. AP is a bit smoother and probably faster, but I do think this comparison isn’t this far off. (Meanwhile, Ryan Grant is looking more and more like Phil Loadholt out there running the ball. He seems like he’s in slow-motion!)
  • Rodgers is ridiculous. Nothing more needs to be said.
  • Jordy Nelson is really good. He has a knack for the game. A few years ago, I read a few articles about how TT loves drafting “football guys” – or guys who seem to have some natural instincts for the game. Guys like Rodgers, Jennings, Woodson, Bishop – they all come to mind. I think this is also especially true for Jordy Nelson. He is the kind of WR who never stops – and in fact he knows full well there is a very good chance of catching a pass if he keeps going with Rodgers scrambling abilities. But it’s happened too often for it to be coincidence that Nelson is so often on the receiving end of busted up plays. He just knows what to do. He’s really good.
  • I’m OK with an occasional error by Randall Cobb – as long as he keeps having huge returns. Today, despite his costly fumble, he still was a net positive because he had his own TD and he also had a couple long returns. He’s a good player and he’s only a rookie – so I’m not expecting fumbling to be an ongoing issue here. And tonight, he flashed as a WR too – I think Rodgers trusts him already. Could be a dangerous duo going forward.
  • I’ll say it again – Mike McCarthy has really grown as a coach. His command of the offense at times is scary. Tonight it was a clinic out there. Yes Rodgers has a lot to do with that but for those of you still watching when Flynn went in – so often the plays are simply so well-conceived that even back-up QBs can have success with them.

Let’s see So’oto get a sack here

November 14, 2011

I like seeing him in there – let’s see what he can do against a #1 offensive unit.

Very smart to take out Rodgers

November 14, 2011

I was going to post something similar before seeing just now that Flynn was put in. Just smart. With Robison and Allen it’s just dangerous having him out there when the game is very much over. Also, importantly, Flynn could use this real game practice against a group of defensive starters (albethem…if you will…horrible defensive starters).

Mike Carey LOVES the home team

November 14, 2011

Something happened to Mike Carey at some point in his life that makes him need people to like him – and the way this plays out for him as an NFL ref is massive Naked Gun officiating. I would love to see stats for him in games he refs: call against home team vs calls against visiting team. I’d bet it would be 20% to 80%. Seriously. (Right now the Vikes have 8 penalties and the Pack have 1.)

Does Rodgers help out Capers and the defense

November 14, 2011

I wonder if Rodgers ever sits in on defensive meetings with Capers and the defense. I’m not MNFing here and trying to overstate stuff – but Rodgers has a great offensive mind and understands defenses it seems perhaps as well as any QB playing today. So with that understanding, wouldn’t his perspective on things our defense should do be potentially useful? I realize he probably is plenty busy with planning the offense etc, but I’m guessing he’s mentally (intellectually) capable of doing something like this from time to time.

McCarthy needs some credit here

November 14, 2011

That Kuhn play call was fantastic. An seriously well drawn up play. McCarthy has been doing this all season and I am feeling at the moment like we don’t maybe give him the credit he deserves for designing so many of these plays that the team executes at times to near perfection.

There is a very basic formula for true success in the NFL – spread out the offense and avoid having offensive superstars. New England has used this formula for a decade, Manning in Indy goes by this formula (think contributors like Austin Collie), the Giants did it a few years back. It’s a very simple idea – each week defenses do not know who is going to shine so they cannot be sure who to prepare for. McCarthy is really good with plays – and it’s super exciting to see our guys, Rodgers especially, execute the plays so well. Nice Mike.

MNF crew about to explode re Rodgers

November 14, 2011

They have been as out of control as I expected them to be with their trademark, overwhelmingly positive hyperbole for Rodgers. Problem is that because they’re always doing this, their words about Rodgers and the truly unbelievable season he’s having are empty – no credibility anymore.

Also – what was with that stuff about Jordy Nelson: “nobody can bring him (Nelson) down in the open field”? Nelson has been very good this year and he can make people miss. True. But “nobody can bring him down in the open field”? I don’t think so. He’s not Barry Sanders – nobody could bring that guy down in the open field. Ridiculous.

That’s why I don’t like this pocket stuff

November 14, 2011

Rodgers is too tempted to run the ball and he could get hurt by a freak like Allen. Come on.

There is the roll out I’m talking about

November 14, 2011

Beauty – what took so long to figure that out. Now MN will have to respect that possibility vs just rushing straight up field and collapsing the pocket.