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Injuries eating us up

November 24, 2011

So far it looks like Hawk, Bishop and Sitton are all out.


Packers need to take some shots down the field

November 24, 2011

Right now the Lions are successfully condensing our field. Go deep.

They heard me – great pass there to Finley.

Bad call against Pat Lee

November 24, 2011

Lee definitely committed a foul there – he took a swing. But before he took a swing, two guys were holding him well after the play was over, they held him during the play and worse than anything, the other guy took a swing at his head first.

Officiating is already playing too much of a role in this game – but part of that is because the teams are committing fouls.

Sitton out

November 24, 2011

This isn’t good. Not sure what happened to him but he’s out and Sherrod looked like he was playing.

Lots of injuries today. These guys are playing hard.


DJ Smith looking for real out there

November 24, 2011

It makes me wonder about what a Bishop/Smith pairing would look like in the middle.

Walden active

November 24, 2011

That wasn’t the first time he’s run across the field to make a play today. He has been working his tail off. Unfortunately, it’s usually making a play after a huge gain.

8 penalties so far

November 24, 2011

Seems like more than that.

So far – not a good game

November 24, 2011

The defenses are pumped up but this has been a sloppy game so far.

Terrible call against Detroit there

November 24, 2011

That’s the kind of ref error that can change the momentum of the game. Not surprised to see Starks go off right there. Terrible call.

Bishop out

November 24, 2011

Not good. Not sure what his status is. I am comforted slightly by DJ Smith being the replacement. That guys has been good on special teams and he’s been waiting for an opportunity I’m sure. I just hope Bishop can get back in there (and maybe DJ Smith could just get a few more snaps then anyway…he’s good).