Quick thought on Mike Neal


When Neal came into the game on Sunday, I tried to focus on him to see what he brings. While the stats might indicate that he had a relatively quiet afternoon, I thought he was fairly disruptive in one of his first NFL games. There were definitely a few plays where he pushed his O-Line guy way back alarmingly fast. There was one play in particular when I got a glimpse of some of his massive strength as he pushed his guy right back toward Freeman who was throwing and it ended up forcing a bad incompletion. I think Matthews may have disrupted on that play too but it was pretty amazing just how much of a push Neal got and how quickly he got the push.

My verdict? I think Mike Neal could be a guy who improves our defense relatively quickly. Just like Starks gave us a boost at the end of last year, I think Neal might be just what this D needs to at least increase pressure on the QB and collapse the pocket. Perhaps Neal’s presence combined with So’oto’s increased opportunities might result in better pressure on the QB which would make things a bit easier for us in coverage.


6 Responses to “Quick thought on Mike Neal”

  1. Aaron Nagler Says:

    Agree with your take – but “first NFL game”? He played against the Lions and Redskins last year.

    • awhayes Says:

      Hey Aaron – thanks for catching that…meant to write “one of his first…”

      How are you feeling about this week? I’m thinking this will be a really good game to watch at the least. I’m a little concerned about the sudden emergence of Kevin Smith and Detroit now having a more balanced attack.

  2. ronlc1 Says:

    The Oline has surfaced as my biggest concern for Thursday. I have this nightmare where Suh is sitting down for dinner and AR is laying on a plater with turkey legs attached to his hips. Suh then rips both completely off his body and devours them.

    Newsome is not doing his job and needs help, Sitton looks like he has restricted lateral movement. The Oline depth is still a year, maybe two away.

    If the Oline performs at an acceptable level, I feel pretty good. If not, I’m scared. All things considered a loss is not the end of the earth but a win is so much better.

  3. AZ Warrior Says:

    Comparing your comments on Neal’s positive contributions with MM’s “he didn’t do much”, do you think MM is trying to make Detroit think that they don’t need to account for Neal? Lull them in to a false sense of complacency?

  4. DaveK Says:

    Neal and Zombo both look like they are good to go for tommorow. Let’s hope then can improve the pocket pressure from the right side.

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