Stunning fact about Ray Rice


I was just casually reading some articles on the NFL and I learned from one article in particular, that Ray Rice only makes $600,000 per year. For some reason, I was shocked to read about this. I guess this struck me because of all we hear about the DeSean Jackson saga, the Chris Johnson holdout, Matt’s Forte’s public whining etc… I haven’t heard squat from Ray Rice on this. No, I don’t follow Ray Rice’s contract situation in such depth that I’d necessarily be aware of all he’s said about his contract situation. But I haven’t heard anything noteworthy at all this year about the fact that one of the NFL’s best RBs is playing for $600,000 in the final year of his contract. Statistically, without even looking it up, I’m positive he’s in the top 5 in yards from scrimmage in the last 3 years. The guy is a very good runner but also a great receiver out of the backfield. While it’s refreshing to learn a player is playing out his contract despite the clear fact that he has “outperformed” the contract, if I were Balt, I wouldn’t let this go much longer without getting him signed. He’s a franchise back.

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  1. Travis Says:

    Jolly gets 6 years in prison. It took quite some time for this thing to end, but as expected he’s getting quite a bit of jail time for his addiction.

    To be honest his last and fairly recent bust, I felt no sympathy at all for the guy. He clearly hasn’t learned, he clearly doesn’t care, and clearly doesn’t see the talent he was throwing out the window. He clearly doesn’t see how lucky he was to be in a position to play the sport you love, something that almost every kid dreams about.

    And not only that, he had some special talent and was exciting to watch. He was able to have an impact at the NFL level.

    So when he last got busted, I thought to myself, if he can’t see all that, he really does deserve to lose it all.

    But in the last couple days, I’ve seen and read some interesting stuff, including today where news that he’s been sentenced to 6 years in jail.

    Jolly’s mother has apparently been sober for 20 years after recovering from her addiction to crack. Jolly’s father, who was in jail until he was 7, also had an addiction to crack.

    Tough childhood growing up. It’s tough getting through all that, without getting in the wrong situations and making some wrong decisions. It’s a great thing to see he was able to get into sports, because I guarantee had he not, his lifestyle would be even worse.

    The interview with ESPN reveals plenty. After his latest bust, it’s finally hit him. He sees whats happened to his life, what he’s done to his life. He see’s what he had, and the little he has left. He finally realizes he had an addiction, and let it get out of hand.

    “My only friend was the codeine, and it kept me numb,” Jolly says in a report by Mark Fainaru-Wada. “It kept me from losing my mind. Me losing football is like me losing a loved one, or a bunch of loved ones, at one time.ā€

    I think a big point in his life, was watching the Packers win the superbowl last year. He said he didn’t want to be around anybody, didn’t want people asking him questions. Just wanted to be alone in his room, drank and watched the game.

    Him watching, seeing the team step onto the field, and with number 97 not there. No longer a part of it all.

    The interview is definitely worth the watch, seeing Jolly respond, fighting back tears. He knows it. He knows it’s too late. He knows what he had is gone. I don’t think the video could of showed it any better, as I truly believe that he now see’s the big picture.

    I agree with the sentence. But I do feel bad (something that I didn’t at first when it seemed clear he still hadn’t understood what he was doing to his life). It’s a shame because his life could of turned out much better. He could of been a great story. Even if he turned it around after he first got busted.

    At this point, for Jolly it’s not about football and the Green Bay Packers anymore. It’s about straightening out his life and becoming a better person.

    I think after today’s ruling, he knows what he needs to do. He’s spending several years in jail (parole in 2013).

    Nobody knows how it will turn out. Will he be able to clean himself up, turn his life around. His career is over, but he’s a young guy who can at least have his life back to normal by straightening it all up.

    Addiction is a terrible thing. You realize the issue after it’s too late. Jolly needs to accept whats next. He needs to accept his punishment and knows, he put himself in this position. And let this be a new start where he can have his life back.

    I wish you well Jolly. Your 6 year sentence may be the best thing that’s happened to you, because it could be where you finally turn it around. And the only thing important in life is you and your family. The things you’ve lost are big and it hurts, but having your life in control is all you need, and that’s what you need to work towards.

  2. DaveK Says:

    I’m usually a law and order type guy but doesn’t 6 years seem like a lot for possession even if it is a 3rd offense? Isn’t that what we give drug dealers and child molesters? An addict got caught drinking codeine Kool-aid three times. Is that really such a threat to society that he needs 6 years in prison? Seems harsh to me.

    • Travis Says:

      Ya but when does law ever make sense? His best bet is the parole in a couple years. I’m assuming the sentence is lengthy due to the fact he was given multiple chances and got caught doing the same thing while on probation.

      • DaveK Says:

        Yeah, eligible for parole in 14 months per reports. He is currently 28. He might get another shot with a NFL team if he comes out sober and in shape. He’d be 30 for the 2013 season and still be a talented big man. I would imagine some team will bring him into their off-season program at a minimum non-guaranteed deal and give him an opportunity. It’ll be up to him to take advantage of it.

        TT doesn’t exactly swoon for 30+ year old players but he does seem to have a soft spot for 300 pounders. Jolly seems to have the support of the organization and players so maybe he at least gets a look during the summer of 2013 by TT.

    • ronlc1 Says:

      I might feel that way too Dave, except he’s had 3 chances to straingten out and blew them all.

  3. Dave In Tucson Says:

    I guess awhayes internet is down again? šŸ˜¦

    That was some awful tackling-like activity on that Blount TD :-p


  4. Santy Says:

    G Pack G

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