Very smart to take out Rodgers


I was going to post something similar before seeing just now that Flynn was put in. Just smart. With Robison and Allen it’s just dangerous having him out there when the game is very much over. Also, importantly, Flynn could use this real game practice against a group of defensive starters (albethem…if you will…horrible defensive starters).


4 Responses to “Very smart to take out Rodgers”

  1. ronlc1 Says:

    Flynn gets his turn to pile it on. 45 is good 7 is better. If it wasn’t for cobb it would have been 0.

  2. DaveK Says:

    Worried about Crosby’s leg…too many kick offs. Maybe Raji should take some kicks.

  3. CindyV Says:

    The guys in the locker room were teasing Aaron Rodgers by telling him that Matt Fynn’s performance was going to use a quarteback controvesry in Green Bay. Rodgers loved the joke. Aaron said he was happy that Matt got to play because Flynn’s parents were in the stands.

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