Game Thoughts Packers/Vikings

  • Not much to say except that was total dominance. The Packers are really good and the Vikings are not.
  • One note of caution as hype will build over 16-0 possibilities etc – is that the Packers have not played a very difficult schedule this year. Yes they are blowing folks out – but they are often blowing out teams they should blow out (reminds me a bit of ’96.). These next 7 games should be interesting as we play some better teams.
  • I sort of thought the D would come out worked up. They did and they played really well. If we can do that in the coming games, we should be in good shape – even against better opponents.
  • I really like how James Starks runs. I’ve said this a few times now. But today, perhaps because of the opponent, Starks really reminded me of Adrian Peterson. Both run with that kind of jerky back and forth motion, they both often make good choices re cuts and they can run over tacklers who have taken a bad angle. AP is a bit smoother and probably faster, but I do think this comparison isn’t this far off. (Meanwhile, Ryan Grant is looking more and more like Phil Loadholt out there running the ball. He seems like he’s in slow-motion!)
  • Rodgers is ridiculous. Nothing more needs to be said.
  • Jordy Nelson is really good. He has a knack for the game. A few years ago, I read a few articles about how TT loves drafting “football guys” – or guys who seem to have some natural instincts for the game. Guys like Rodgers, Jennings, Woodson, Bishop – they all come to mind. I think this is also especially true for Jordy Nelson. He is the kind of WR who never stops – and in fact he knows full well there is a very good chance of catching a pass if he keeps going with Rodgers scrambling abilities. But it’s happened too often for it to be coincidence that Nelson is so often on the receiving end of busted up plays. He just knows what to do. He’s really good.
  • I’m OK with an occasional error by Randall Cobb – as long as he keeps having huge returns. Today, despite his costly fumble, he still was a net positive because he had his own TD and he also had a couple long returns. He’s a good player and he’s only a rookie – so I’m not expecting fumbling to be an ongoing issue here. And tonight, he flashed as a WR too – I think Rodgers trusts him already. Could be a dangerous duo going forward.
  • I’ll say it again – Mike McCarthy has really grown as a coach. His command of the offense at times is scary. Tonight it was a clinic out there. Yes Rodgers has a lot to do with that but for those of you still watching when Flynn went in – so often the plays are simply so well-conceived that even back-up QBs can have success with them.

7 Responses to “Game Thoughts Packers/Vikings”

  1. Aristomenes Says:


    It’s not just the way he plays. The post-game interview on the field at the desk sitting next to Young showed his manner, his modesty, and his style. Reminds me a lot of Starr.

    We’ll never forget you, Brent.

  2. Dave in Tucson Says:

    * That was an awesome performance by the defense. Maybe not statistically, but it felt like far and away the best defensive outing all year.

    * I disagree wrt Cobb’s muffs. The team has been able to overcome so far, but come playoff time a mistake like that could give an opponent a chance they shouldn’t have.

    * I was also disappointed in the muff because I felt like the Pack could get a shut-out tonight, especially after that missed FG.

    * Not only do the Packers have the best offense in the league–does anyone have a better backup QB? There’s a fair number of teams that don’t have a starter that good.


  3. Travis Says:

    There can be some good to Cobb’s mistake.

    He seems like the type of guy who will work extra hard so it doesn’t happen again. That 2 in 3 weeks now. He knows it. I think yesterday, he got excited after returning one already that he was looking for another.

    Mistakes make these type of guys better. Everything I’ve read, seen outta Cobb makes me think he’s just like the other high class, great character guys. The guys who love football and put in hours on end to improve.

    He may of screwed up. But it didn’t cost us. And hopefully it makes him better. So next time when we can’t afford a mistake, he’ll be out there making a big play for us this time.

    He’s looking to be a pretty good player, and exciting returner, and you gotta expect young players to make a mistake here and there. Hopefully he puts in the time and make sure he catches the ball every single time.

    There are always concerns, and of course, always some positives.

  4. ronlc1 Says:

    The D has finally showed up. Keep this up and no one knows just how good this team can be.

  5. Dave in Tucson Says:

    One more thing I realized last night: it doesn’t really matter what the records are, or who their quarterback is. It is just really satisfying to see the Vikings leave Lambeau Field with a convincing loss.


  6. DaveK Says:

    “I hope they win it all now.” said Jared Allen in his post game press conference about Rodgers and the Packers

    Suck on that Viking fans.

    I thought Shields had a outstanding game in coverage. Every time they threw his way it was blanket coverage.

    Having a healthy Shields and Williams allows Capers to use Woodson all over the place. Third safety, blitzing CB, LB in run support. The guy can do it all and that flexibility adds a dimension to the defense that is very disruptive to the opposing QB especially when that QB is a rookie and can’t diagnose things very quickly.

    For the first time I thought the interior of the Packer o-line played below average. Lang got beat multiple times when they moved Allen inside. Wells got blown back on a few run plays. They also just didn’t handle the stunts and adjustments and Rodgers was being pushed out of the pocket from inside way too many times. Probably the worst game of the season in regard to pass protection.

    This team was 6-3 last year at this point. 9-0!

  7. RayMidge Says:

    I still can’t get over the play where Woodson stood up Peterson in the backfield, tackling him up high. How many D-linemen could do that, let alone a CB? He is truly a one of a kind. Leroy Butler was always my favorite packer defender, but Woodson just does something every game that amazes. He is a joy to watch, so glad that his legacy will be as a Packer great.

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