MNF observations

  • Jon Gruden annoys me mostly because he only makes positive comments. Clearly someone somewhere along the way told him not to be negative. So, he simply never says anything negative and the result is that it’s annoying as can be. But most problematic is that he then doesn’t have credibility then as a commentator. Sometimes, what has to be said is that someone royally messed up – and that’s why I like Collinsworth.
  • The Eagles have a weak defense – really weak. It’s odd considering the CB talent they have – lots of times the WRs for the Bears have been wide open. Kind of like the Packers’ secondary yesterday against the Chargers.
  • The Bears got a bit full of themselves in the first half. It was incredibly obvious that going into halftime, the Bears would come out flat and Philly would take over.
  • Roy Williams is awful. Just sucks. They showed him running a long crossing/post route (the easy pass he dropped) and he was traveling at less than 1mph. He is awful.
  • I absolutely love watching Michael Vick throw the ball. At the risk of drifting too much into all-good-ness, it’s art when he throws the ball. It’s just cool.
  • LeSean McCoy is the hardest RB in the NFL to tackle. Yes it sucks to bring down AP, Steven Jackson, Ray Rice, Beanie Wells, MJD, Chris Johnson, Arian Foster, Darren McFadden, etc etc etc. But McCoy is so fast and quick while being decent sized it’s amazing. He is a really good back.
  • Imagine Charles Tillman and Charles Woodson being CBs on the same team. There would be 5 forced fumbles a game.

2 Responses to “MNF observations”

  1. Aaron Rogders Says:

    If you ever played madden, you would never say the words “and that’s why I like Collinsworth.”

  2. Dave in Tucson Says:

    The Eagles have a weak defense – really weak. It’s odd considering the CB talent they have

    The Eagles have a lot of individually talented guys, but not used to playing together. The secondary is one area where the ability to play as a team really makes a difference (it doesn’t help any that the Eagles DC is a former o-line coach with little to no defensive coaching experience)

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