Annoying commentators

  • Sorry – but I just can’t stand this. Every comment is a lovefest comment as if we’re watching the greatest game we’ve ever seen. And every play is the greatest play. I know our society is in the throes of hyperbole gone wild – but this is ridiculous. Many of these plays have been very normal and not deserving of the laud-fest that’s going on in the booth. And it’s not just Gruden – Jaws gets into it too. Come on fellas – be real.

8 Responses to “Annoying commentators”

  1. Bill Says:

    It is not often that I agree with a Packer fan, but you are so right!! Jaworski is the worst color man ever!!! And I posted that comment on my FB page about an hour ago.

  2. Rusty Says:

    I made the same comment earlier tonight.

    Their heads will explode when Rodgers plays next week…

    • Bill Says:

      Worse yet, they missed the single most significant element which impacted the game. They mentioned that Cutler was playing well. But what they completely missed was the fact that the Bears’ coaches finally figured out that Cutler was most effective when he was rolling out in a moving pocket. His best downfield throws were when he was rolling out.

      Freaking idiots!!

  3. Schaefer Says:

    this is the single greatest blog post I have ever read, seriously, you can rank it up there with any of the great posts not just from this season, but from all time!

  4. Tom Freeman Says:

    Andy – this is so funny. My wife and I have been talking about this all year long (we may have started talking about it last year, too). You could make a drinking game out of Gruden’s superlatives, and you are quite right that Jaworski does the same. We will be at the Monday night game this week, but I will have to re-watch the game later just to monitor this phenomenon.

  5. ronlc1 Says:

    Did you see/hear Brennaman and Billick trying to kiss up to the Lions all day in the Bear game? An excercise in favoitism! It was pathetic!

  6. tb Says:

    “I know our society is in the throes of hyperbole gone wild”

    AW – I love this quote. It is a beauty. I can’t help but expand upon its application from play-it-safe, vanilla MNF commentators, to anything in the odd realm of performance/entertainment that we oh so love (sports, music, several hour blocks of primetime TV dedicated to amateurs performing as amateurs, etc).

    Remember when you could say, “Yeah, it was okay”, and not feel bad?

    “How was your sandwich?”

    It was okay. No big deal. I’m looking forward to dinner. And, if dinner is good, I’ll forget about that average sandwich I had for lunch, but it is really not that big of a deal.

    Are we so hell bent on self motivation, self assurance, and fear of failure that we are collectively, in a rather wink-wink fashion, making everything great? Better than great?

    It has spurned an increasingly used phrase, which I hated the first time I heard it…..’instant classic’. What is an instant classic? I fully expect to be leaving a sporting event someday in the not too distant future and have the opportunity to buy a retro t-shirt of that game! Well, it was an instant classic!

    Go Pack

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