Packers/Chargers Preview

  • The Chargers have been odd this year. When they have everyone on offense, they can be a dangerous team. Floyd, Jackson, Mathews, Tolbert, Gates and even Crayton – that’s a talented group. But today, they will be without Mathews and Floyd – and that limits them.
  • Rivers is weird. He can play like an elite QB one week and then look like a loser the next week. There is something about his facial expressions that tell me he’ll never win a Super Bowl.
  • Norv Turner is similarly destined to never win (or get to) the big game. There is just something about him that gives Chargers fans no faith when it counts.
  • Their last game ended in an unbelievably bad way. Rivers untimely fumble on Monday night against KC was really a boneheaded play. They had the game won.
  • Somehow, even with a change of D Coordinators, San Diego’s defense has again managed to be solid. They don’t have any particular players who stand out necessarily – but they’re good collectively. They average giving up 303 yards per game – and the Pack gives up 391. And, interestingly, they are the #4 pass D in the NFL giving up just 185 yards per game. (They won’t be #4 after today’s game.)
  • Importantly – San Diego has not played any really good offenses (only NE) – so maybe their D isn’t that good after all.
  • The Pack needs to come out and intimidate right away offensively. No amount of studying and gameplanning can stop our offense and we need to assert ourselves right away. San Diego thinks they’re better than they are and we should quickly put them in their place.
  • Finley should be huge today. He will want to show the world that he’s in a class with Gates – I think he’ll be really good today.
  • This is the kind of game I can see Jennings going nuts in. San Diego won’t have an answer for him.
  • San Diego will be setting up to defend against our passing game. This could be a big game for Starks/Grant.
  • It will be interesting to see if Capers puts Woodson on Gates or Jackson. Woodson would match up very well with either guy. My guess is that they’ll put him on Gates and let Tramon handle Jackson. Jackson definitely has the size advantage, but Tramon should be able to manage him because Tramon is much quicker/faster than Jackson.
  • Big match-up here for our D will be Bishop/Hawk stopping Tolbert. That could be a challenge. Hopefully SD will have to start passing the ball right away after falling behind – because Tolbert is a mighty back who could give us some trouble.

3 Responses to “Packers/Chargers Preview”

  1. DaveK Says:

    From Michael Hunt at JSonline: “Packers fans are taking over Qualcomm Stadium before kickoff. They’re drowning out Chargers fans.”

    KC got crushed by Miami today. Makes you wonder how the Chargers lost to them last Monday. The Chargers are coming off a short week with a bunch of injuries playing a fairly healthy Packer team coming off a bye. This shouldn’t be close. But for some reason I’ve had this hunch the Packers crap down their leg this week. In the best of years this happens and IF they have to do it this would be a good game to do it being that it is a AFC team.

  2. Dave In Tucson Says:


  3. Travis Says:

    What a return wow. Great blocking and nice spin move by Peprah. That was Nick Collins style, I’m impressed.

    And excellent block by Matthews levelling the LT allowing Peprah to get in the end zone. Flattened him

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