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Scary – come on D, finish them off

October 23, 2011

Our defense has been suspect again tonight. But let’s hold now when it really counts. Force a mistake or just stuff the run here and make Ponder make a play.

Nice play there by Woodson.


Not a late hit on Matthews there

October 23, 2011

Terrible call. Just terrible.

Tramon read about my criticism on the sideline

October 23, 2011

He’s been very good in the second half so far. Great tackle on Peterson and good pass break up there. Nice.

Nobody in the NFL is better than Rodgers in the last year

October 23, 2011

Going back to our playoff run last year, nobody in football has played better than Aaron Rodgers. We are watching domination on par with, I don’t know, something extraordinary.

Rodgers is 20 for 23 with 305 yards already. He is absolutely dominant and nobody, not Brady, Brees, – absolutely nobody can play at Rodgers’ level. Enjoy this.

Nice Cobb

October 23, 2011

Right after several boneheaded plays, you go and make a return like that…AND TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF!

And that is why the Vikes are 1-5

October 23, 2011

Wow. Of all guys to leave wide open. Great start to the second half. Now come on defense. Get a turnover against this rookie dude.

Vikings playing cheap

October 23, 2011

This is getting ridiculous. That was a nasty hit on Rodgers. Totally unnecessary. It’s almost as though the coaching staff has instructed their players to play cheap today.

Tramon Williams – awful today

October 23, 2011

Tramon let that first super long pass go to Michael Jenkins because he was too aggressive. He’s missed tackles and just missed Harvin on the slant there for the first down.

He has not looked the same since his injury early in the year. He may be a quiet problem that is partially responsible for this defense giving up huge yards this year.

Ugly first half

October 23, 2011

Sorry – internet outages all day here for some reason. I couldn’t even get my pregame preview up. For the record, I was going to predict either a 40 point Packer blowout or a Packers loss.

Not happy so far with how we’re playing. Our D is struggling and Randall Cobb appears to have been paid off by the Minnesota Mafia. He looks awful tonight. That last drop would have been a first down. It’s not a stretch to say he’s cost us 11 points so far. Pick it up Cobb.

Ponder doesn’t look bad and Peterson should cause plenty of problems for us. I just don’t understand though why he’s taken out of the game when he is. There are times when MN does that and it just doesn’t make sense.

MN has had 3 late hits tonight and several nasty plays (Robison on Lang was an offense for which he should have been ejected). They’re playing like they know the offensive avalanche is coming.

Put Vic So’oto out there

October 21, 2011

Turns out Zombo is hurt again and Lattimore won’t be active Sunday either. That opens up a spot for OLB Vic So’oto Sunday. Read here from Tyler Dunne at jsonline.

As Dunne points out So’oto was absolutely dominant against KC in the final preseason game. What Dunne does NOT point out is that KC played their offensive starters for most of the game (foolishly). So’oto’s dominance was against a starting offensive unit that was very solid last year. But the KC game wasn’t his only active game in the preseason – he was pretty good in some of the others as well. The guy has moves on the outside to get home to the QB. If he’s truly healthy now, I say give him a few opportunities to bring the heat on passing downs. He’s likely not on Minnesota’s radar. They probably don’t even have film on the guy.

He’s becoming my new Desmond Bishop. You’ll see why if he gets in there.