Alex Green done for the year


Read here. Unfortunate news for the rookie. He did have a few plays this year but for the most part,  he was just working himself into the rhythm of being a Packer.

I wish him well in his recovery.

3 Responses to “Alex Green done for the year”

  1. DaveK Says:

    Yeah, it is a shame he will miss the rest of the season and ability to prove to the coaching staff that he will be ready for prime time next year. I’m guessing this will effect the Packers and their calculations at the position. Grant is having a nice year and will be a FA after the season. Is it now more likely they bring him back if the coaches still have some doubts about Green. Guess it depends on the draft also but I’d think this injury makes it more likely the Packers want Grant back another season.

  2. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Grant is a FA already? I thought he just re-did his contract?

    Grant makes a good change-of-pace back, which can be crucial in a game like we had against the Bears, where Starks couldn’t get going at all, and Grant ran for 92 yards.

    I’d definitely like to see Grant come back, assuming he’s willing to take a definite #2 spot (and, of course, #2 money) behind Starks. There’s really nowhere he could go right now to be the #1 guy anyway.

    As for Green, it’s a bummer that he’s gone to IR, but with Starks, Grant and Kuhn already on the field, he wasn’t going to do much this year except special teams stuff and a few garbage time carries anyway. He’ll get his chance, especially if Grant is gone in a year or two.


  3. DaveK Says:

    Grant lowered his 2012 salary this year to avoid the waiver wire. They gave him a pay cut but made his salary guaranteed. He will be a FA after this season.

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