Ugly first half


Sorry – internet outages all day here for some reason. I couldn’t even get my pregame preview up. For the record, I was going to predict either a 40 point Packer blowout or a Packers loss.

Not happy so far with how we’re playing. Our D is struggling and Randall Cobb appears to have been paid off by the Minnesota Mafia. He looks awful tonight. That last drop would have been a first down. It’s not a stretch to say he’s cost us 11 points so far. Pick it up Cobb.

Ponder doesn’t look bad and Peterson should cause plenty of problems for us. I just don’t understand though why he’s taken out of the game when he is. There are times when MN does that and it just doesn’t make sense.

MN has had 3 late hits tonight and several nasty plays (Robison on Lang was an offense for which he should have been ejected). They’re playing like they know the offensive avalanche is coming.


2 Responses to “Ugly first half”

  1. Santy Says:

    our defense is a concern

  2. stefan752 Says:

    Defense is the Achilles heal of this team. They cannot get 3rd down stops on a rookie QB. Pass rush is non-existent and is the reason this defense will continue to struggle. One huge weak link on an otherwise championship caliber team.

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