The Packers lucked out with their schedule


Not sure why more folks aren’t talking about this (of course they could be, but I haven’t read much on it) – but the Packers have had a very easy schedule so far. Their schedule through the bye week has featured the following opponents:

  • Saints 4-2
  • Panthers 1-5
  • Bears 3-3
  • Broncos 1-4
  • Falcons 3-3
  • Rams 0-5
  • Vikings -5

So we’ve played 1 team with a winning record – yep, 1 team. And the combined records of our opponents?  13-27.

I’m excited about this season and I recognize the obvious fact that the Packers are awesome. But I just wanted to point out the fact that we have played a soft schedule so far this year. The second half of the year will feature a few tougher games (San Diego, Oakland, NYG, Det) but we still won’t be playing against any of the early powerhouse teams like NE, Balt, San Fran, etc).

2 Responses to “The Packers lucked out with their schedule”

  1. Jim Rarick Says:

    Except that because of the Packers, two of those teams are .500. Three have been difficult games, and even the Panthers was not a gimme despite their record. Three are ridiculously easy.

    That said, it is a favorable schedule, without a single team the Packers should lose to. Don’t have to play the NFC East, AFC North or AFC East. Couldn’t be better.

  2. Dave in Tucson Says:

    This is also thanks to a season where expected contenders. The Packers and Saints are still the only NFC playoff teams from last year over .500.

    playing against any of the early powerhouse teams like NE, Balt, San Fran, etc

    The 49ers offense=Ted Ginn+Frank Gore+Vernon Davis. Shut those three down, and the points will dry up.

    Tom Brady is throwing for a lot of yards, but he’s also on pace to throw a career high number of interceptions, too.

    The Ravens just have a crushing defense right now, and I think they’re the only team in the NFL that could give the Packers a tough time right now.


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