Vikings to start Ponder


As expected, the Donovan McNabb era appears to have ended in MN. He has been a poor QB option for the Vikes this year. He is slow and just doesn’t have it. In fact, I saw a TV interview with him not long ago and the guy just plain looked fat. He used to be surprisingly nimble back there and could escape the heat more than you’d think he could. But in MN – he just looks way too slow and has not been good. (I am growing increasingly embarrassed, by the way, that I picked the Vikes to finish reasonably well this year.)

Ponder isn’t bad. I watched that 4th quarter against the Bears. He can definitely move around in the pocket well. He even had one move to escape the pressure that bordered on spectacular. That could be a problem this week. But his throws weren’t always on target. Harvin is a guy he seems to like so we’ll need to keep tabs on him – but otherwise their WR group is not scary. I think this will be a game in which Capers will do his best to confuse Ponder – lots of disguises, odd blitzes – generally looks that Ponder will have trouble deciphering.


3 Responses to “Vikings to start Ponder”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Well, McNabb hasn’t done himself any favors this season, but the Vikings troubles are certainly not all his fault (Adrian Peterson had 39 yards rushing Sunday night, for example).

    I suspect a big problem for the Vikings, at least on offense is that Bill Musgrave (the new offensive coordinator) just doesn’t know how to use what talent the team has. Looking at his coaching stats, he’s really never done much of anything as an OC.

    Ponder isn’t bad.

    Eh, he wasn’t bad against the Bears’ prevent defense. Perhaps you also noticed that his drives stalled pretty quickly once he started getting near the goal line.

    Unless this is another ’09-at-the-Bucs style face-plant, Sunday’s game should be another that’s pretty well over by halftime.


  2. ronlc1 Says:

    Capers can no longer tolerate the 31st position in pass defense. Play aggressive, please.

  3. 56Coop Says:

    One thing about Ponder–not much tape to look at. Hope he doesn’t pull a Cam Newton on us.

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