Game Thoughts Rams/Packers

  • The Pack’s D gave up over 400 yards to the St Louis Rams. It is somewhat concerning that StL was able to move the ball so easily on us. They don’t have much in the way of receiving targets for Bradford  – but he did well to make them look as good as he did. (There were some drops too – his 321 yards passing should have been higher.)
  • But I’m not going to lose sleep over this. Our defense is not great and we may just need to accept that. But one thing that we can get behind is a welcome trend that seems to be brewing – the D is tough in the red zone. We’ve kept opponents out of the end zone for the last 7 quarters – not bad.
  • Also, I’m not too concerned the D gave up 96 yards to Steven Jackson. I think that guy is so good – he’s brutally difficult to bring down and he has a nice initial burst for a man of his size.
  • Rodgers was awesome again – his only “error” was not even his fault as he made a great throw that went right through the WR’s hands (was it Jennings?) to the opponent for an easy pick.
  • AJ Hawk finally played well. He was disruptive today. He had one sack, several pressures, 7 tackles and 2 assists. He played inspired – angry. He was so angry about something, in fact that he flipped off the Packer sideline for some reason – see here.
  • Matthews had a nice sack.
  • Bishop had 9 tackles and 5 assists. He was solid.
  • Burnett made an error or two and was the victim of a massive stiff-arm by Kenricks – but overall he wasn’t bad for a guy playing with a club on his hand.
  • I like that Shields continues to make plays – he had a nice pick today. But he needs to be careful running around in the end zone like that.
  • Our running game was not as good as it should have been. Whenever you have Rodgers back there – a guy willing to throw to absolutely anyone on the offense – it shouldn’t be difficult to get our running game going. I know it was tougher to run in the second half when we were more obviously backing off and burning up the clock. But even before that, we never really got the running game going.
  • Besides some questionable run blocking (a big part of our lack of running success), I think there are 2 main reasons our run game suffers: 1) Rodgers telegraphs his handoffs – it’s way too obvious when we’re running because of it and 2) so many of our run plays are the same play- that stretch play right or left. Other teams know it ‘s coming and so often they simply fill the gaps and make the plays. We need to be more creative running the ball.
  • We should be encouraged by the Vikings play. If we can hold Peterson to under 150 yards, we should win. McNabb is unbelievably bad.

9 Responses to “Game Thoughts Rams/Packers”

  1. ronlc1 Says:

    This year, unlike last year, when they play a less than stellar game we are winning by a safe margin. Remember all the 4 or less point losses.

    We will not be seeing McNabb next week. Ponder is likely to start after the Bear debacle last night. Ponder is Michael Vick without accuracy. Just the kind of QB that can give GB problems.

    • Rusty Says:

      Is the McNabb comment your take? Or did I miss other news other than McNabb’s continued crumminess?

      I think you’re right. In addition, it makes sense for the Vikings to hold off on announcing until later in the weeks. If the Vikings can catch the Packers defense unprepared, they may eke out a win.

      Capers would probably approach Ponder much like Newton and Hanie. Rush four, drop back and make him read coverage. Oh yeah, and stop Peterson…

      • ronlc1 Says:

        Nothing official Rusty – just a lot of post-game talk about McNabb taking a dive in the end zone without trying to get out.

  2. Joe Says:

    Vikings need to see if Ponder is the guy so they can figure out if they need to draft a QB with their 2012 first round draft pick. At this point, they may be in position to take Luck.

    • ronlc1 Says:

      Minnesota is still in the Luck derby. If the Rams screw up and win they won’t be able to deal Luck to NE for two 1st rounders and 3 second rounders, and a half interest in the Patriots food concessions.

  3. RayMidge Says:

    Bishop was a beast and I thought Burnett played very well after the early missed tackle because of the club on his hand.

    I was not happy to see a return of the “drops” by Nelson and Driver and I think maybe Jennings. Didn’t hurt because of the opponent, but lets hope it doesn’t turn into a trend. On the positive side, the Nelson TD was a thing of beauty because we could all see it develop from the line of scrimmage.

    The Shields concussion after the INT in the end zone was the type of avoidable mistake that makes watching even an excellent football team like GB maddening some times. I think the entire Pack fanbase and coaches must have been yelling “get down!!” as soon as he secured the ball, and yet for some reason he runs across the endzone and now he might miss a game. Is there any way to make players understand how precious the ball is and how they shouldn’t take unnecessary risks when they secure a turnover? Especially after last year’s playoffs when the packers dodged two bullets on similar plays/situations (Shields fumbling vs. Bears and Traman running it out of the endzone vs. Philly) . . . Is the instinct to return those balls just too strong?

  4. DaveK Says:

    This isn’t quite the same Packer defense as late last year. Collins is missing and his replacement is playing with one arm plus the pass rush has yet to get on track. But, even though it doesn’t appear they are at the same level as late last year they really haven’t had to be yet. They have been playing a lot of football padding a big lead. They have played almost exclusively nickel this year. Sure, they give up a bunch of total yards but when you are up 21 for most the game you drop your safeties and play soft until the red zone milking the clock. Same with Bronco game, the 2nd half of the Falcons game, and even the last quarter of the Bear’s game. It’s just been way more important to NOT give up the big play and force a long time consuming drive then to force a three and out. I have some confidence that when this teams gets into a dog fight like almost every week last year that Capers and the defense will dial up a more aggressive approach….at least I hope so!

    Next week….McNabb is awful. It’s hard to decide if we want to play against McNabb and all the film we have on him or a rookie QB in his first start. This will be the Vikings superbowl on Sunday but I honestly don’t think it matter unless Green Bay just loses total focus and lays an egg.

  5. ronlc1 Says:

    Shield’s symptoms of concussion being evaluated. Know more Wednesday. Zombo hyper-extended knee-know more Wednesday. Neal making progress-no decision until after the Bye.

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