More on Rodgers/Favre


Read here from Rodney Harrison offered up some pretty harsh criticism.




6 Responses to “More on Rodgers/Favre”

  1. Bob Says:

    I”m getting sick of this anti-Favre thing. All Favre did was in his way compliment the Packers which were a good team. And then said that Rodgers started on a good team and made it even better. Can anyone deny that? Geesh…. And this is proof that the media is striving for strife on purpose.
    Haven’t we forgot that Favre downplays everything when he speaks? We thought that was part of his ‘Awww-shucks’ attitude. That made people like him when he was THE guy. Now that we have a new good guy and Favre played for the Vikings, we view him as a bad guy.
    I’m sick of this. Favre was complimenting in the Favre way.

  2. Dave in Tucson Says:

    @Bob — as far as I’m concerned (and a lot of other Packer fans will agree), Favre used up all his free passes and “benefit of the doubts” in the last 4 years.

    Personally, I’ve found the path of least aggravation where Favre is concerned is to ignore him. But to suggest that he deserves any slack whatsoever… that’s not a thing that’s going to happen.

  3. CindyV Says:

    Bob: Do you read any of the other sports websites? I do. And they all pretty much said the same thing: Favre was dissing Rodgers. I read Favre’s statement and my first reaction is that it was a back-handed compliment. Others have been harsher. They say that Favre, who never helped Rodgers when he was QB, was jealous of Rodgers’ success. They called him immature and classless. If you have a problem with that, take it up with SI or PFT or any of the other sports websites. I’m sure they’ll love that someone, besides Favre’s mama is defending him.

    • Bob Says:


      You need to stop and think. Why is it most of the sportswriters and radio folk use the specific phrase,”back-handed compliment”? Because they copy the other’s story and add some of their info to it.
      In other words the sports media (which is liberal mind you) is blowing this way out of proportion than what it really is. Favre made a Favre-ish compliment about the Packers.
      As we all should remember, Favre is NOT a master at speaking, and forming words. I am so surprised that Wisconsinnites all forgot about how Favre was like. He was bad at speaking, and downplays, and has a bad publicist.
      All he said was that the Packers were very good when he left and Aaron Rodgers filled in to a very good Packer team. Do you deny that?

  4. Packerpacker Says:

    Yea, but for 12 years Favre had great team members too. So to say that Rodgers is only good because he fell into a good team is wrong may be true, it is not a good defense of his own skills.

  5. Packerpacker Says:

    Take out “is wrong” and my comment makes more sense.

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