Bears fans thinking Cutler doomed


Check out this poll over at the Chicago Tribune. Even Bears fans are planning on a sack fest.

How many times will the Packers sack Bears QB Jay Cutler on Sunday?

  • 4 or less (435 responses)


  • 5 to 7 (1010 responses)


  • 8 or more (452 responses)


1897 total responses

(Results not scientific)



5 Responses to “Bears fans thinking Cutler doomed”

  1. DaveK Says:

    I live in range of Chicago sports radio here in Iowa and Chicago fans LOVE their team but they are truly a fickle fan group. After week one this team was headed to the Superbowl. Martz, the apparent genius in year two, has finally slid the pieces into place. The defense front 7 rivals 1985 and the offensive has arrived. They then lose to a very good team at their home opener and the radio hosts and caller were all doom and gloom. This offense will never work with such poor WR’s and a lousy offensive line….Martz is an stubborn jerk married to a system that just won’t work in Chicago and clearly can’t adjust to the type of team Lovie wants….the Bear’s haven’t had a legit offensive weapon since Walter Payton….this team will be lucky to get to eight wins…blah blah blah.

    I guess I understand the fickleness of fans especially talk show hosts and radio callers. Packer fans certainly have their share. But, what has always struck me about Chicago fans as a group is how quick they are to toss their own team and players under the bus and especially QB’s. The list is long but even recently with Rex, Orton, and then how they treated Cutler after the loss last year. You are either a hero or a goat with them and no in between and certainly no real context or nuance offered to the critique of the player or coach they want to crucify. And, It seems their fans almost always over-simplify the issues that plague their team and if they could only change that one terrible coach or terrible QB they would be contenders. Certainly not all Bear fans are like this but as a group they are the most fanatical but fickle fans in the NFL.

    I expect a good close game in Chicago this week. It seems these games regardless of who is better on paper always come down to a few plays. I do know one thing though. If the Bear’s win then Bear fans will crown them the best in the NFC and if they lose their fans will be calling for mass coaching staff firings and will want to get rid of that quiter QB. No in-between. Heroes or goats.

  2. Joe Says:

    nuance? you expect people from Illinois to get nuance? That’s like asking a 2 year old to be selfless. Its just not physiologically or emotionally possible. Their from Illinois.

  3. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    to be fair, i account for 1891 of those votes.

    but, to be fair, the other 6 real votes chose “8 or more”

  4. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Packer fans certainly have their share (of fickle fans)

    Sure. Remember last year when everyone was ready to fire McCarthy after those back-to-back OT losses? Or two years ago, when everyone was ready to fire McCarthy after the loss to Tampa Bay? It happens.

    As for the Bears:

    1) They have to do something this week. Hard to imagine they’ll have it totally fixed, though. And their WR corps is thinner than ever

    2) I wonder how much of the Bears’ o-line struggles is because they don’t have Olin Kreutz for a center any more?


  5. ronlc1 Says:

    Bear fans continue to demonstarte their manic/depressive tendancies. Beat Atl “we’re going to the SB, no doubt. ” Lose to NO we’re the worst team in history.” I call it the Buffone/O’Bradovich syndrome. SCORE radio has a full time physcologist on staff.

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