Woodson admits Smith got the better of him


Read here from jsonline. True – as I indicated during the game. But as the article also points out, it’s true that Woodson made big plays when we needed them like he has always done. While he’s very evidently not the true cover corner he used to be, Woodson is still one of the best defenders in the NFL.


One Response to “Woodson admits Smith got the better of him”

  1. ronlc1 Says:

    Charles being Charles will always take the blame. He is a class act. Those JS idiots can’t write a story yet alone be able to figure out the mission he was given. Where was the rush from the Dline and LB’s? Where was the coverage down field on a guy who hadn’t caught any passes before? Where was the coverage of the Screen passes, the RB caught 6 for 100 yds. And most important why can’t this team tackle anyone? So Silversein et. al. STFU!

    JS reporters are idiots and don’t know the game. Their view is meaningless babble. The Journal Company has another issue to deal with. That’s the post-game show. Falconio is a screehy voice, annoying, know it all loser. And that Kuzmeric idiot is nothing but a Equal Oppotunity plant that doesn’t know crap about how the game is played. Thankfully, I found Bill Michaels and Gary Ellerson over at WSSP.

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