Terrible news from McCarthy – Collins done for the year


Ugh. This hurts. Read here from Silverstein. Collins has been a quality force back there for us the last few years. His tackling, playmaking skills and his speed with be missed big time. I have to say I’m surprised by this. While the hit did look painful, I figured it would be a neck strain of some kind that would keep him out for a few games. But apparently it was much worse than that.

(Thanks to Ron L for the heads up on this breaking news.)


9 Responses to “Terrible news from McCarthy – Collins done for the year”

  1. ronlc1 Says:

    This is just terrible news for the Packers, but more for Nick Collins. I hope this is something that he will be able to comeback. Neck injuries are very dangerous for an NFL player. Most important thing Nick, is stay healthy for your family.

  2. DaveK Says:

    Damit. Besides Woodson and Matthews there is no more important player on that defense. They just don’t have a quality FS to step in and do what Collins did for that defense unless they move Woodson to FS??? I just can’t imagine a Burnett/Peprah backfield as being very effective.

  3. awhayes Says:

    Yes – interesting speculation Dave re Woodson moving to FS. I really wonder what they’ll do. As I’ve been saying Woodson, at his age, has some limitations as a cover corner (can still defend bigger/slower guys, but struggles with smaller/quick guys). And he could cause plenty of problems for QBs back there at safety. We could then start Shields opposite Tramon (who is likely coming back this week). My guess though is they put Peprah back there. While he doesn’t have the skills Collins/Burnett have, he did fill in decently last year when we needed him. What’s tough to say though is that I think part of what makes Woodson so uniquely effective is that he does odd stuff from a CB position – no other CBs do what he does and I think QBs really struggle trying to figure out what Woodson is up to.

    Share your sentiment too Ron – get well Nick. You will be missed.

  4. ronlc1 Says:

    Sharper was in GB a couple of weeks ago. Building bridges? How about Sharper playing some Safety? He’s old but who of us can say Peprah is better?

  5. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Yeah, this is a bummer. But with stuff like neck injuries… there’s just no sense in taking chances.

    As for Sharper… well, he’s not as old (or as beat up) as Al Harris, anyway. But it’s hard to imagine he’s better than anyone they could get from someone’s practice squad, or off the street. And a young guy would have the added benefit of (at least potentially) having a career mostly still in front of him.


  6. DaveK Says:

    Yeah, you hate to take Woodson out of his current role. I think it is one of the reasons Capers can use nickel so much with only two DL’s on the field. You’d think teams would be able to run more against our nickel but it has held up well against the run because of the flexibility of Woodson either being essentially a 3rd safety causing havoc around the line or covering and allowing someone else to drop in for run support. You slot Woodson into playing FS and all that flexibility is gone for Capers and the opposing QB has a lot less trouble figuring out who is covering and who is coming. It would be a real shame to ‘waste’ Woodson in a simple FS role. But, you have to have S that is smart and athletic in this defense and I’m not sure Burnett/Peprah is good enough especially with how our pass rush has been this year. I have a feeling they are going to struggle for awhile.

    On another note, I always thought Bush would make a better S then a CB. He has the speed and instincts but terrible ball skills. It seems he is in the right spot most times but just awkward making a play on the ball. I think he would do better with his eyes looking towards the QB then running in coverage trying to adjust to a WR. Didn’t they give him a go at S last off-season but then switched him back to CB with the emergence of Burnett and Peprah?

    Also,is Anthony Smith still available? He knows the Packer system and was the primary back-up to Collins last year but wasn’t resigned with the Packers in August when the lock-out ended.

  7. ronlc1 Says:

    Yes, Smith is still available? We’ve cut him twice. Strike three anyone? TT will go with what he has. Peprah to SS MB to FS. Bring up one of the DB’s on the PS. I’d try and get Sharper (that’s why I only play a coach).

  8. DaveK Says:

    Obviously Smith wouldn’t be the starter but they do need to add depth. You can’t go 14 more games without replacing Collins with another S on the 53 unless they move a CB to safety. They did keep 6 CB’s on the roster and having Bush flex to S might make sense for the over-all roster. Is Bush a better option at safety then Smith or Sharper? If yes, that would allow them to free up a roster spot for DL, OL, or OLB. Sort of depends on the health of Williams and House though.

    Who knows what TT will do. He’ll probably add a full back to the roster!

  9. ronlc1 Says:

    Na, I think it’ll be a TE.

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