Glaring omission from my game thoughts – Rob Chudzinski


I forgot to write about one particular facet of the game that seriously intrigued me: the work of offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski. Lost in the Cam Newton praise-fest was the work this O-Coordinator has done with a rookie QB who is surrounded by talent that heading into this year, could have safely been labeled ‘questionable’. There were times in the game yesterday when Carolina players were not only open, but stunningly wide open. Yes, the Packers’ D was really bad yesterday. But I think a good part of the reason for this was that Capers was essentially out-dueled by a relatively inexperienced play caller. Especially on the first few drives, Chudzinski was calling plays that were so well thought out that slow guys like Jeremy Shockey were wide open. And importantly, he seemed to be calling plays that gave Newton a relatively high chance of succeeding.

The reason I’m writing a special post just on this is that I also saw the Carolina/Cardinals game in Week 1 and the same thing happened several times. Steve Smith was so wide open on a couple passes it was ridiculous. While the Cardinals’ D features a rookie CB and generally, poorer talent that GB’s D, I don’t think it’s a stretch to argue again, that at least part of the defensive confusion can be attributed quality play calling by Chudzinski.

Keep an eye out for this Chudzinski guy.


2 Responses to “Glaring omission from my game thoughts – Rob Chudzinski”

  1. ronlc1 Says:

    The worse possible news for MM in his PC. COLLINS IS OUT FOR THE YEAR.

  2. 56Coop Says:

    I agree totally. Chudzinski is a very good OC. It seemed GB went into this game thinking they wouldn’t dare let Newton throw against their defense and were looking for a lot of runs, which is exactly what I thought they would do. Glad the GB offense woke up in the second half. I am ready to dub these guys the Cardiac Pac. They just cannot/will not put a game away.

    Found it quite odd that there was not a really clear angle on either of Levell’s catches/ Watching the Red Zone Channel for the later games and saw several instances of this

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