Great time to be a Wisconsin sports fan


I know this is the story making waves all over right now. But I have to weigh in. Just read this piece at jsonline – nicely done. It truly is just plain exciting right now that the 3 biggest sports teams in the state – the Packers, the Brewers and Badgers football – are well-positioned for great things this year. The Packers already won the Super Bowl last year creating plenty of buzz about the team. And they’re set to be very good again this year. Fans are always excited about the Packers but there has been reason to be particularly excited over the last year or so.

The Brewers (if they can snap out of this brief funk they’re in) are in a great spot to make a playoff run. For a team that never makes the playoffs, just getting there is usually nice enough. But considering they have had the NL Central lead for a while now and considering they are a top flight team w/re to talent – fans are expecting more than a playoff cameo with a first round exit. This could be a pretty special year for the Brewers too.

And the Badgers have the potential to be absolutely dominant. Bielema has built a very good team and the free-agent-like acquisition of QB Russell Wilson could be what pushes them to an elite level.

The funny thing about all this is that Wisconsinites, by and large, are a humble lot. So, as proud as we may be, we’re not the type to get all obnoxious about it. So, we have that going for us…which is nice.

3 Responses to “Great time to be a Wisconsin sports fan”

  1. ronlc1 Says:

    It is certainly going to be an interesting Fall/Winter.

    The Brewers seem to be in their traditional September swoon. They have to try hard to be eliminated from the playoffs. However, they are rapidly eliminating themselves from any home field advantage in any match-up. One and done is looking more possible everyday. In the past 15 games the Brewers have failed to score more than 3 runs (source: Weds. post-game show). If this so-called powerful offense doesn’t start on a run scoring tear soon, they will have wasted their great picthing performaces.

    The Badgers got a miracle like signing. Wilson is unbelieveable. His coolness in the pocket and accureate throws have been the best I’ve ever seen from a Badger QB. Add to that, he is a dangerous runner. If the opposition over rushes and allows him to break the line, goodbye. No one can deal with him one-on-one in the open field. Defense still needs more experience. Evertime I see the LB’s lined up in a neat row inside the tackles I start to sweat. This virtually guarentees the runner will be able to get outside contain. This weekend might be their toughest test of the non-conference. And no TV – those SOBes. I guess it’s available on-line. Trying to coordinate it with the radio broadcast is annoying at best.

    Once I see the Packers rackup some consecutive road wins I’ll be very confident in another run at the SB. 5 of their 6 losses last year were on the road.

  2. ronlc1 Says:

    Update: Just got an e-mail from Time Warner Cable – the Badger game will be on channel 306 at 2:30pm CDT. Ya Hoo!

  3. ronlc1 Says:

    Further update – TWC is charging $4.95 for On-Demand Ticket

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