Mike Neal situation

  • I’m not overly concerned about Mike Neal. I was excited at the beginning of the season, yes, by the prospect of having Neal fill in for the quality player we lost in Jenkins. But we have barely had a chance to see what Mike Neal can do and because of that – I guess I can’t get too worked up about what he is/is not contributing.
  • Jarius Wynn, who will take that spot, played well in week 1. He has been an under-the-radar guy now for a couple years and I think he’s been waiting for an opportunity. This is it. If there is one thing that can be said about TT/MM led teams, it’s that when players get a big-time (starting) opportunity, they seem to be very ready to take it.
  • Sure, someday I hope Neal is better and we can get production from him. But for now, I think Wynn will do reasonably well.
  • We will likely get a very good look at Wynn this weekend by the way as I expect Carolina to try to run off our right edge – taking it right to him. And they’ll be running with 1 of 2 very good RBs. It will be a test for sure.
  • Also, if Carolina starts running a bunch, which I’m sort of expecting for some reason, I can see moving Howard Green over there and going with Raji, Pickett and Green up front for a bunch of plays. Then bringing in Wynn for pass plays.

7 Responses to “Mike Neal situation”

  1. 56Coop Says:

    Heard on SIRIUS this morning that Neal haad surgery. Might be 4 weeks or so

  2. ronlc1 Says:


    Packer Drs. expect up to a two month recovery. We all know how he did last year and with his “A OK” injury this year. Worse, Packers anounced he will remain on the roster and tie up a spot that could be used for let’s say an Olineman and some badly needed depth.

    I am having real difficulty with this issue. Everyone seems to be concerned about Clifton, me too. What if it’s somone else?

  3. Jon in DC Says:

    If Neal has a legitimate shot to play after Thanksgiving, I don’t have a problem with keeping him on the roster for now. There’s still plenty of time to monitor his rehab and, if it’s not going well, put him in IR and free up a roster spot mid-season. After all, we did beat [arguably] the NFC’s 2nd-best team last week, with fewer than 53 guys.

  4. AZWarrior Says:

    I’m worried about the lack of depth. We’re one injury away from having a real problem at the D-line.

  5. DaveK Says:

    I think I read recently that Capers used only 2 dl’s for 65% of snaps last year. They play 2-4-5 more then any other sub-package. just maybe one reason being light at DE isn’t a huge concern especially when Raji takes so many snaps and you also have Pickett, Green, and Wynn all playing effectively.

  6. ronlc1 Says:

    And now Tramon is questionable for Sunday. After 8 days of no proigress, I question the bruise diagnosis. If he can’t play against the Bears, the Packer injury report has been relegated to the level of bird cage liner.

  7. 56Coop Says:

    You should expect Carolina to run a lot. They have two very good RB’s. Hopefully GB gets up big very quickly and they have to pass more.

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