Must read – on names in the NFL


If you haven’t read Steve Rushin’s column at, start doing it. They are all usually quite good. He’s refreshingly thoughtful and pretty funny too. Having written similar posts about the names of NFL players before, of course I had extra appreciation for this article.

Read here.

4 Responses to “Must read – on names in the NFL”

  1. ronlc1 Says:

    Off topic but WTH! MM reports Neal had a procedure on his knee and will miss significant time. 5 weeks after he fell down and said he was A ok. MM failed to say he’s still on the roster wasting a space that could be used for a backup Olineman. Neal, our new fragile china doll. Where;s Justin Harrell when you need him.

  2. Travis Says:

    This really hurts. At the moment we could be fine, as long as Wynn and Wilson can do a good job. It’s possible they can. Wynn has already showed promise..

    But we are in big big trouble if they don’t do that good of a job, or if somebody goes down. No depth, and the uncertainty of how well they will do in the long run is scary. If the D line can’t get pressure, stop the runs etc, it’s not going to be good.

    Same thing with the Oline if something happens.

    I really think it’s possible we make a move or do something to keep it safe. Maybe we’ll be able to dish James Jones if a team loses a WR and needs to pick one up.

  3. DaveK Says:

    Have some faith Travis that if Neal goes on IR that TT can find a body to add some depth to the DL…remember the Howard Green pick-up last year? Walden? Zombo? Shields?

    This defense also plays about 65% of their snaps with two DL’s on the field. With Raji, Pickett, Green, Wynn, and Wilson I think they can make it work.

  4. Travis Says:

    Ya Davek your right with TT finds depth to make things work.

    It’s tough to imagine if things went bad and not having any suitable replacements. Whether the players don’t perform up to standard, or somebody goes down to injury leaving us in need of more quality bodies.

    But its truly incredible to think what Ted Thompson has done, with the quality he has brought in from all levels. He finds good football players, let the coaches work with them, and put them in. Good football players have the instinct to make plays. That’s football, and those are the guys Ted finds.

    It’s just hard to think it will be ok if something happens, but with how Ted has done things over the last few years, it’s proof he has a good philosophy and believes in his decisions. And they pay off.

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