Good news – Tramon looks to be OK


Read here from jsonline. This sounds positive – though I’ll go ahead and worry until he confirms he’s fine next week. He was in a lot of pain when he went off the field.


6 Responses to “Good news – Tramon looks to be OK”

  1. tangysizzl Says:

    A bruised shoulder is pretty vague and until I see him practicing or playing in a game again, I too will worry.


    Mike Neal – Minor knee injury, has missed 3 or 4 weeks now

    Frank Zombo – He thought he had a bruise, nope broken scapula

    Vic So’oto – Strained back, supposedly not serious but out for the opener and who knows how long after that.

    Im a little weary of the initial diagnosis, hopeful though.

  2. ronlc1 Says:

    Got to agree tangy, the Packer Injury reports are somewhat confussing. Let’s hope for the best.

    I’m much more concerned about Neal. He was cursed with many missed games at Purdue as well. I’m starting to see vivions of Harrel in my little head.

    Capers – Buy more tackling dummies fast. Very, very very, poor tackling by LB’s and DB’s. RAC by NO killed them. I think there was only two or three deep passes. One of them a TD when Shields got beat.

    Slocum – Do you know anything about ST defense? Anything?

  3. 56Coop Says:

    On a positive note, it appears the receivers are more sure handed than last year.

  4. Dave in Tucson Says:

    So (as you might expect) I saw the Panthers @ Cardinals game on Sunday.

    — Yeah, Cam Newton looked pretty good. The Cardinals’ D started out blitzing a lot, and it wasn’t really working. A few times, the Panthers wide outs (especially Steve Smith) got way wide open, and got burned big time.

    — Newton struggled more when the Cardinals’ D stopped blitzing and started covering. He was still moving the ball, but not in big chunks, and struggled in the red zone.

    — The Panthers’ D didn’t look like anything special, Aaron Rodgers should be able to pass easily on it.

    — I still don’t have an easy feeling about this game. That shellacking the last time the Packers were on the road against a struggling team with a rookie QB is still too fresh (not to mention last years’ early games against teams they should’ve beaten easily but didn’t).


  5. Travis Says:

    Dave, one thing that should be mentioned is, it’s a good thing we didn’t play the Panthers week one.

    Now we know what they are capable of and have seen them play a game. They clearly just can’t be walked over, and we need to show up and play the football game if we want to win.

    It’s not to say this game will be the toughest of the year.. who knows, it might. But it’s likely not going to be a cake walk, and at least by seeing what they did last week, we’ll be a bit more prepared and less likely to show up in the building and say what the heck was that.

    Also, Beanie wells ran great. Could be a big game for both Grant and Starks. So Rodgers should be able to move the ball pretty easily.

    I’m very excited about the Pack this year, let’s put it that way.

  6. DaveK Says:

    The Panthers are not going to be able to make big adjustments to the offense or change up much what they asked Cam to do in one week but Capers and staff will have plenty of tape to organize an effective strategy against them. The difference to what AZ did on defense to what the Packers will bring to the table on defense will make Cam’s head spin. Cam is going to throw three picks and the Packers defense will mostly shut them down.

    And, even if the Packer defense struggles the Packer offense will roll against this Panther team who gave up 28 to the Cardinals and who will be without their best player this week. I can’t imagine the offense not scoring at least 28 and I can’t imagine the defense gives up more then 21. I’m guessing a score of around 35-13.

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