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West dominating

August 19, 2011

Chastain West has looked really good. I realize most of his yards tonight came from a 97 yard TD catch, but that catch and run was awesome and the other catches he’s made have been tough.


Alex Green with a great run on the screen…

August 19, 2011

…until the final cut he needed to make for the TD. Odd really. Not sure if he just lost his balance but the easiest cut he had to make on that one was at the 3 yard line to cut into the end zone and he instead ran right into a tackler. Still, nice catch and run and finally – nice TD on the run. He runs with a determination that’s refreshing.

Notice he’s wearing Atari Bigby’s #. Atari now with Seattle.

Anyone else curious about why Charlie Peprah has been demoted?

August 19, 2011

I can definitely see Burnett’s potential. He has speed, ball skills and he’s not afraid to hit hard. Great combo for a safety. But Peprah played some quality ball last year. I wonder if McCarthy caught him imitating McCarthy and one of his “pad level” speeches.

Driver looking good so far – offense solid on this drive

August 19, 2011

I was pretty convinced last year that Driver’s very evident demise was mostly injury-related. He was just never 100% despite trying to tough it out. He could be a quiet go-to guy this year for Rodgers.

AZ isn’t doing terribly defending our pass, but I continue to think it’s got to be a nightmare for opposing defenses to figure out which guys to watch more than others – especially with Finley getting some catches tonight. Finley with another one – he’s really looking good. Throw in there some run plays, periodic no-huddle series and Rodgers switching up plays at the line based on defenses. Just impossible to defend.

Unreal throw to Jennings for the TD – and of course – fantastic catch. Gannon was right that Patrick Peterson was late with his eyes but I also think the rookie just didn’t expect Jennings would be able to turn so abruptly and have a ball right in his arms. Amazing coordination by Rodgers and Jennings.

Cardinal fans must be relieved watching this game

August 19, 2011

After a year of some unbelievably bad QB play – watching Kolb has to be a relief. He looks solid despite probably not knowing the offense fully yet.

Nice pass break-up by Burnett

August 19, 2011

Kolb was a bit late on that throw, but that was a nice recovery and pass break-up there by Burnett on that deep ball. I know the coaches like Burnett’s ball skills and he showed them there. Almost came away with the pick.

O-Line suspect – Masthay unstoppable

August 19, 2011

The O-Line is not looking too good – allowing decent access to Rodgers. Though at least one of those was a coverage sack, the line has collapsed a few times. Yes, Dockett is very good and is playing well. Still, not pleased with the pass protection so far.

On a positive note, Masthay is a stud. He is really good for a young punter. We should sign him right now to a 15 year contract. Just kidding – maybe not.

Agree re need to use the no huddle, could be huge this year

August 19, 2011

I have always been a fan of the no huddle offense. I think it’s something you can do periodically (not all the time). I could see using it a few times per game. If nothing else, it can really disrupt substitutions and any rhythm a defense has. And if the offense happens to be in rhythm, it can be a great way to keep the rhythm going. (The analogy for me, as always is to golf – I think about how much better I golf when nobody is on the course and I can just fly from hole to hole – don’t even have time for distraction).


Not liking our LB play so far (and entire defense I suppose)

August 19, 2011

The D-Line appears to be getting stuffed at the line leading to nice holes or edge runs for Wells. But when he’s getting to the second level, the LBs are all late getting there. Walden, Zombo and dare I say it, Bishop have been non-factors. But my bigger concern is that Hawk appears to be reverting to his old ways – getting pushed around and then tackling 8 yards down the field. I’m not going to get too worked up yet but our D was not exactly stellar last week either.

That said, I do think we’re playing a team that will have a surprisingly good running game this year (despite acquiring Colledge). Wells is a quality RB and I am nearly positive the coaching staff plans to run a lot more this year – as they let go some pretty good WRs in the past year (Boldin, Urban, Breaston).

Peter King admires the Packers

August 15, 2011

Read here from his column today. I have to say he’s got this mostly right. Nice quotes from Rodgers too. We’re lucky he fell to us.