Packer, NFC North thoughts

  • Watched parts of the preseason game Fri night. The Packers looked OK, not great. They did stage a tremendous comeback though and even though they were relatively flat for much of the game – a finish like that HAD to pump up even the starters. Just an awesome way to finish.
  • Graham Harrell is the real deal. I know it’s preseason and he’s playing against disorganized 3rd string defenses, but he has looked good each week. He knows the system and makes the throws. I wouldn’t be surprised if some teams come after him.
  • Rodgers continues to be awesome.
  • Our running game either has just not been given a chance to take off yet – or it will be nonexistent this year.
  • I did like Starks role catching passes out of the backfield.
  • Tim Masthay is incredible.
  • We might find out later this season why that Mason Crosby game-winner was such a big deal to him. He hasn’t done that as often as he needs to throughout his career – I think this will be a big mental boost for him.
  • Brad Jones is likely on his way out.
  • Continue to have issues with the O-Line. I’m hoping it’s just a matter of time before they get it together in pass protection – but keeping Rodgers healthy will be a key to the season.
  • I like that Vic So’oto guy, despite the challenge involved in spelling his name. Several of you have commented on him in recent weeks and his sack and forced fumble on Fri night were impressive. He is active and appears to be a playmaker.
  • It was nice to see Finley get involved there. And it’s evident Rodgers (in his interview) was pleased that Finley is back out there. Another key to the season is whether or not McCarthy/Rodgers can work Finley into the passing game without leaving behind our WRs (kind of like what happened at the beginning of last year).
  • I watched parts of the Vikings game and parts of the Lions game. I’ll come out with my season predictions soon, but suffice it to say, both of these teams could be better than people think. In fact, there is something fitting about McNabb in a Vikings uniform (probably has to do with the fact that I can’t stand either of them). I think they will be much better than folks think  – weak defense and all.
  • The Lions also looked impressive. If Stafford stays healthy, he could go from a guy with potential, to a top 5 QB this year – I’m not kidding. He threw 2 longer touch passes in that game Saturday that could have been thrown by maybe 3-4 other QBs and that’s it. Just tremendous touch. If the Lions’ running game can get going, they could be more than just a nuisance. My initial thought on the Lions this year is that they will be awfully difficult to beat at home and that they make steal a game or two on the road.

5 Responses to “Packer, NFC North thoughts”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    * Agreed on Masthay — he was just crushing his punts. He’ll easily make the Pro Bowl this year if he maintains that level in the regular season.

    * I sure hope Dom Capers was holding back on the defense, especially pass coverage. The corners and safties were playing soft, soft, soft against the Colts last week 😦

    * Yeah, the Lions’ defense was definitely in beast mode against the Pats. But Brady looked pretty awful even when he wasn’t getting pressured. He was throwing short a lot, including that final pass that got intercepted.

    * I haven’t seen any of the Vikings preseason games, so I don’t really know what they’ve looked like. But that weak defense was a big part of the problem last year (mostly unremarked because of Favre’s troubles). I’m not sure that McNabb has it in him any more to last a full 16 games (plus playoffs) at a high level, especially if he has to compensate for a bad defense.

    * Have you (or anyone else) seen any Bears preseason games? The box scores and stat lines sure don’t look that impressive…


  2. awhayes Says:

    dave – good point re Brady. I saw him make 2 horrendous throws. The kind of throws that a 3rd stringer lacking talent struggles with. It was really odd too because on one of them there was almost no pressure.

    Haven’t seen the Bears play yet. I’m likely to put them at the bottom of the NFC North this year – 6-10 probably. I honestly think they will be really bad. Whatever got them to the NFC title game last year won’t get them anywhere this year.

    And I hope McNabb sucks. I don’t think the Vikes will make the playoffs but they should be around .500 or one game better.

  3. tangysizzl Says:

    I have been saying all over the web that I liked So’oto for a while now and im glad he finally made believers out of any doubters he had out there. Hes definitely a keeper.

    Jamari Lattimore is also worth keeping around IMO because he won’t make it through waivers to the PS and we can use his pass rush ability and his speed on defense and special teams. I think he could even be an emergency ILB if they only keep DJ Smith for depth there.

    Brad Jones is officially a cut when it comes time to pick the final 53.

    Chastin West and Tori Gurley will make the pack think long and hard about keeping a 6th WR but with all the TEs we have thats gonna be a real tough call. Hopefully someone offers us a trade for one of those two positions so the decision is easier and we get something in return for losing a good player.

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  5. 56Coop Says:

    Totally agree that Detroit is a team that bears watching. Listened to an interview when Sirius/XL radio was at Packers training camp and one of the announcers said Stafford was very much like Rodgers in being able to throw lasers with the flick of his wrist.

    I’m alittle concerned that I just read a transcript on and both MM & Rodgers said they were happy with where the Packers are. Maybe I’m just placing too much emphasis on preseason games.

    I know I am reazdy for the season.

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