3 cut


Swain, Havner and T Theo Sherman have been cut. None of these cuts are too surprising. It was odd, in the first game, Havner was out there and I was focusing on him in particular when possible because I was curious to see how he would compare with the 5 other legit TEs on the roster. Knowing he is decent on special teams, I figured he’d be all about trying to prove himself. Instead, I saw a guy who saw the writing on the wall – he didn’t seem as intense. Perhaps that’s not fair to label him like this as I’m basing this on one+ games, but he just didn’t seem to have the intensity that I think got him here.

The Swain cut makes sense. He wasn’t a bad player and I know Rodgers will be sad to see his friend go. But the fact is, he doesn’t have nearly the upside the other WRs on the roster have.

Don’t know the first thing about Theo Sherman – so he probably needed to be cut.

3 Responses to “3 cut”

  1. tangysizzl Says:

    With the exception of losing Jenkins to Philly this team is the same or better at every position. The Pack lost a little experience in some areas but overall I think they equaled or improved every area of the roster except D line and I think WIlson Neal and Wynn will be better than they were last year.

    Not sure how it would work but I would like to see the Pack trade James Jones. I know he was a FA and nobody signed him then but he did sign a very team friendly deal and that may prompt a team that needs a legitmate #2 WR to offer GB something for him, a pick or a player. That may be farfetched but with West and Gurley playing as they are its not a totally crazy idea.

  2. Packers Blog Roundup: Three Cuts Coming Today | Cheesehead TV Says:

    […] thoughts and more on the recent cuts appears at […]

  3. Boothie Says:

    JSOnline has a WR named Robinson being cut. Two more need to happen today.

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