Great thoughts on Chicago/Wisconsin rivalry


Read here from Foxsports. Great article. He’s right and it feels good.


7 Responses to “Great thoughts on Chicago/Wisconsin rivalry”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Well, let’s see. The Blackhawks just won the Stanley Cup last year. The White Sox won the World Series in 2005. It hasn’t been that long since the Michael Jordan’s Bulls were dominating the NBA, and they’re back in playoff contention. The Bears’ have been in playoff contention, including a Super Bowl appearance four years ago, and have probably the best head coach they’ve had since Mike Ditka and Buddy Ryan were there…

    So I’m not real impressed with him whining about how bad Chicago sports fans have it. And as for clinching the #2 NFC seed, and then losing the Championship game at home to some wildcard upstart team… yeah. Cry me a river, dude.


  2. Scott W Says:

    Best line in the Fox Sports article: “The Cubs haven’t won in more than 100 years, since my grandpa, rest his soul, was a fetus.” Love. It.

  3. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Anyone watch the game tonight?

    I sure was expecting the defense to do a lot better against Curtis Painter. And another 5 sacks 😦

    I wonder if McCarthy went for the win there at the end just do he would have something positive to talk about in the post-game presser?


  4. 56Coop Says:

    I’m with you Dave. I was hoping to see a much improved performance. Seems to be a problem stopping the run.

  5. Nick Says:

    Just moved to Copenhagen, Denmark….luckily the last game I saw was Super Bowl XLV…..gonna be a long season not seeing the green and gold (and blue and yellow and brown sometimes too I guess). Look forward to following the blog to keep on the insider track!

    • Malachi DeLorenzo Says:

      Through NFL Game Pass or something like that you can watch all of the games online in Europe….I’ve used it in the past and its fantastic. Great quality….

  6. Nick Says:

    Dave – True on the article; but being when Chicagoans are Cubs fans seeing the White Sox win can be almost as bad as seeing the Pack win, etc (at least the die hard ones). Past that, I’m assuming the author doesnt think hockey counts because there is no WI hockey team (and we arent about to cheer for the Wild).

    I dont like the constant hyperbole of Mayberry and lumberjack shirts though….not very creative. Portray us as quiet, humble, possibly even a little naive (dont think its true, but would have accepted it better) – but not backyards country bumpkins. It’s just lazy. Every Chicagoan trying to insult a Wisconsinite has been there, and yet they keep heading north on the weekends to jack up property taxes and chase the life many of us get to live all the time. That hypocrisy is the reasoning behind my most favorite Chicagoan descriptor; FIB. (If you have to ask, you prob arent from Wisco)

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