Zombo out – broken scapula


Ouch. That sounds bad. Read here from PFT.Sounds like he’ll be out for a while too (which I take to mean well into the season).

This could be trouble. Not because Zombo is a critical piece to the defense, but because he’s a decent guy to have available in case of injuries. Apparently Brad Jones is out as well with a knee sprain. Jones has not looked good to me at all so far  – but again, depth issues.

I think the Pack ought to consider trying DJ Smith at OLB. As I wrote during the preseason game last Fri night, I think Smith has instincts that could help him become Bishop-like out there. I believe Smith is an ILB, so OLB would be a bit different – but he’s young and instinctive and I’ll bet he could do it (despite being a bit short for OLB). In fact, I remember going through a similar line of reasoning 3-4 years ago when Bishop was sitting on the bench and McCarthy and co were insisting on starting Poppinga at OLB  – they should have tried Bishop there. Anyway, we may need to get creative here now – though I suppose it’s also possible TT goes shopping at the grocery, finds a particularly strong bagger, turns him over to Capers/Greene and Capers/Greene turn him into a All-Pro.

3 Responses to “Zombo out – broken scapula”

  1. Travis Says:

    JsOnline said injuries on that nature are typicall 4 to 6 weeks. Even if it is 8 weeks, thats still not even half way through the season. 6 weeks would be 3 or 4 games which ain’t bad.

    It could be worse, last year proved how bad injuries could be.

  2. tangysizzl Says:

    Now I have an even stronger feeling that Vic So’oto could make the team. I think he has what it takes to get the job done as well as Zombo or Walden if given the shot.

    Jamari Latimore even seems like he could do some damage if given some time to learn and grow in this defense.

    I had hope for Ricky Elmore too but he seems to be lacking in ability, not sure about his heart and determination though.

  3. DaveK Says:

    The problem is the roster spot. Is he eligible for the pup? If not, you still have to use one of the 53 spots for Zombo even though he is missing 4-6 weeks of the season. That means you probably have to keep an extra OLB which means you lose one of those nice WR’s or go thin somewhere else.

    The other roster issue is QB. It seems they are really high on Harrell. Are they really going to keep three QB’s on the roster? Harrell won’t stick on the practice squad like last year to start the year.

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