Not liking our LB play so far (and entire defense I suppose)


The D-Line appears to be getting stuffed at the line leading to nice holes or edge runs for Wells. But when he’s getting to the second level, the LBs are all late getting there. Walden, Zombo and dare I say it, Bishop have been non-factors. But my bigger concern is that Hawk appears to be reverting to his old ways – getting pushed around and then tackling 8 yards down the field. I’m not going to get too worked up yet but our D was not exactly stellar last week either.

That said, I do think we’re playing a team that will have a surprisingly good running game this year (despite acquiring Colledge). Wells is a quality RB and I am nearly positive the coaching staff plans to run a lot more this year – as they let go some pretty good WRs in the past year (Boldin, Urban, Breaston).


One Response to “Not liking our LB play so far (and entire defense I suppose)”

  1. AZWarrior Says:

    I fear we are going to regret loosing Cullen Jenkins, especially given that he would not have been very expensive to keep.

    I hope I turn out to be wrong on this…..

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