Harrell, Gurley looked good tonight


Nance also ran well, Ryan Taylor blocked well and DJ Smith looks intriguing. I see Desmond Bishop in the guy – instinctive but a bit raw at the moment. He’s had 2-3 nice penetration plays only to miss the tackle. He also had a few nice tackles. But I like his recklessness.

5 Responses to “Harrell, Gurley looked good tonight”

  1. RayMidge Says:

    Harrell was fantastic. Now the pack can hang on to Flynn and let him walk next year with a decent backup to slide in.

    I think the Sherrod LG experiment ought to end. But with Newhouse looking good at LT not sure where he fits in eventually. Great problem to have.

    Surprised we haven’t seen more running from Grant. Would’ve thought they’d want to test him out some.

    I’ve been a Swain detractor for a while now, but west makes it even more pronounced.

    What a job TT and MM have done assembling and shaping such a deep team.

  2. Travis Says:

    I think if a team is struggling with a qb early this season, Flynn could be dealt for something nice in return. Considering Neal and CJ are hurting, and we are thin at that position, maybe Flynn will be used to get us another body there if we need it.

    Might as well try to trade him if we intend to let him go next year.

    I see Pat Lee getting cut. Swain as well. I was always wondering will this kid eventually crack the lineup, and somehow approach Jordy’s snaps. But it seems Jordy’s progressed and Swain hasn’t changed. With the prospects we have on this team at WR, its best to see Swain go. It doesn’t look like he has a high ceiling like the other young WRs.

    And lets face it, Donald will need a replacement soon enough, so there’s one spot in the future that needs to be taken.

    All in all, this is probably one of the hardest cut downs we’ll have. Depth everywhere, and so many young players who are showing a lot of promise. I see some of them getting a chance, while others, despite everything they have to offer, there is just too much depth that we don’t have a spot for them.

    It’s going to be a lot of tough decisions, at plenty of positions. But TT and MM are great at evaluation, so hopefully they go with what they see is best for this team, short and long term. We need the proper depth for this season, and we also need to prepare our roster for the future, which sure isn’t an easy task.

  3. Ace Says:

    Schofield and others absolutely cleaned Sherrod’s clock. He is not ready. Early return-Jenkins should be have been re signed, maybe Colledge as well. Left side of offense was porous. D line put little pressure on Kolb and successors. Another ? mark-LBs did little. Brad Jones going to be cut??
    On positive side-all 3 QBs and RBs did well. Receivers looked great. Swain v West–Swain plays special teams, not sure what West can do.
    Trade bait-Flynn, a tight end (Quarless?), wide receiver (Swain, Taylor?), DBs (Lee or will be waived. MD Jennings could not cover anyone). Quinn Johnson can hammer people but he misses a lot (gone?). Some interesting rookies and free agents but will they have enough time to show their talents? Hoese is interesting at FB/special teams.

  4. tangysizzl Says:

    I acually liked what I saw out of a few guys this game. I thought Lang did well at LG in the handful of series he played at the position. He had some trouble at LT and was a little slow to react to some stunts from the LG position but those can and will get corrected.

    #97 OLB Vic So’oto may have a chance to make the team, I see some potential in him like I saw in Zombo last year. Brad Jones has not impressed me at all and could end up taking his spot on the roster.

    I agree with your DJ Smith comments, he does have a little Desmond Bishop in his makeup, the kid can play.

    I acually like a lot of the young WRs we have in camp, obviously West showed what he can do, I also like Kerry Taylor, and Gurley and even though Diondre Borel fumbled, he reminds me of the Patriots Julian Edelman a former QB himself.

    I would hope we can at least get a couple of these guys on the practice squad if they don’t make the team outright.

  5. mark Says:

    the most xiting end to a pre season game ever! ha ha

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