WR and TE are going to be brutal cuts


I know this has already been talked about at jsonline, on talk shows and other blogs. But we’re loaded at these positions right now. At WR, with Swain’s special teams prowess (and Rodgers’ apparently in his corner), Cobb’s already evident talent and potential, Chastain West being a guy Rodgers apparently likes – good size and that Gurley guy who just has a great story. I’m guessing the team considers keeping 6 WRs with Swain and Cobb making it. At TE, it’s loaded with Williams (one really nice catch tonight), Finley, TD machine Havner, Quarless who still has decent potential and Ryan Taylor the promising rookie from NC. Again, the team may keep 1 more guy here than most teams (like last year) and use that guy as a dual-TE/Fullback. I’m guessing Havner is the odd man out with Finley, Quarless, Crabree and Williams making the team outright – and Taylor making the practice squad.

We’re just loaded at these positions and there are going to be some teams out there who will be pretty excited to pick up whichever guys get cut.


3 Responses to “WR and TE are going to be brutal cuts”

  1. strotty Says:

    No way the Packers keep six wide receivers. Think of it, the sixth WR would be the seventh best option with Finley in the mix. No need to waste a roster spot ther.

  2. DaveK Says:

    The Packers had more players claimed off waivers last year then any other team after final cuts. I wonder if TT will be able to get some teams this year to give up late round picks for players he is about to cut.

  3. On Burnett and Gordy, Pat Lee, and Graham Harrell : My Blog Says:

    […] WR and TE are going to be brutal cuts ” packergeeks. I understand his point, but there are still a couple more preseason games to evaluate. […]

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