Walden looking good – should start


Read here from Tom Silverstein at jsonline. Silverstein has an interesting breakdown of how Walden looks so far in camp and the battle for the OLB position opposite Matthews. I think Walden should start – for a reason Silverstein doesn’t pay enough attention to in the article: he makes plays. Period. I said the same thing 3-4 years ago about Desmond Bishop. Both Walden and Bishop have the gift of football instinct. Zombo and Jones, not so much. Zombo is OK, but not special (yet). And I disagree with Silverstein – Zombo is not a better pass rusher. Walden had 4 sacks in 4 games last year including 2 incredibly huge ones against the Bears. Jones is a guy I’ve never thought too highly of in particular because he has 1 pass rush move that doesn’t work and he doesn’t make many big plays. He didn’t seem to be a liability against the run or anything, but overall, I think he’s #3 right now behind Walden and Zombo.


4 Responses to “Walden looking good – should start”

  1. On Practice, Stress Fractures, And The Depth Chart : My Blog Says:

    […] Walden looking good – should start ” packergeeks. I still don’t have a clear favorite in the race to start at right outside linebacker. I’d be happy with Erik Walden, and I’d be fine with Frank Zombo. It apparently won’t be former starter Brad Jones, who’s listed on the depth chart as the backup to Matthews on the left side. […]

  2. Scott L Says:

    If I remember right, I think you commented after one of the playoff games that Walden looked like the love child of Matthews and Bishop…..or something funny like that. I do remember that he did have an awesome game that day.

  3. DaveK Says:

    I’m guessing Capers will use both Walden and Zombo depending on the opponent and down and distance. Jones might be the primary guy behind Matthews with spot duty at ROLB if needed. Who knows….in Capers I trust.

    But, I agree that Walden has that ‘it’ factor that reveals itself mostly during games. I played soccer with a guy in high school that was like that. If you watched him practice or do drills you would think there would be no way he would be effective player. But, he was just an amazing striker that was like a ball magnet in games and always found the back of the net. It’s not that he was lazy in practice or wasn’t focused it was just that his skill set didn’t translate well to drills or practice scrimmage but he sure was a force on game day.

  4. Travis Says:

    Well Davek, I think it makes total sense. When you think of Bishop, how long it took for him to finally get the starting job. Even after very good showings in pre season and filling it during games.

    For a while everybody was saying give this kid a chance he looks like a real good player. But the coaches were probably weary of that idea of putting him at starter because he didn’t show it in practice.

    But for some reason, once its game times, he somehow makes plays. Big ones too. That’s why it took long to get him to be a starter. Same goes with Walden. He was only put in when they had no choice, and then he started making plays. Had he done it in practice (or if Bishop showed what he did in practice) they wouldn’t of had to wait so long for that starting role.

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