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Barnett gone

July 26, 2011

Barnett tweeting that he is done as a Packer. This is a wise management move, we’ll save cap space. Only thing we’ll miss by letting him go at this point is depth (Bishop and Hawk are both better than Barnett at this point…Bishop always was). He would be a nice player to keep around for depth purposes but not at his price.

I do want to thank Barnett though for some quality years in there as our MLB. He was a tough player at times and I always (almost always) appreciated the way he played – enthusiastically.



Kids confused, traumatized by Hurricane Dora

July 21, 2011

Metrodome has more issues

July 20, 2011

Fantastic. Why do I just love reading about things like this.

Not sure what to make of Shields’ tattoo

July 19, 2011

Check it out here. I don’t “get” tattoos, but I suppose I like the pride he takes in winning the big game.

Agreement within reach

July 15, 2011

OK – I admit, I thought things would be resolved by the end of June. But I’m glad that things appear to be headed toward a proper conclusion here a few weeks later. One of the things I am pleased to read about (here) is that there will be a new¬† rookie wage system. While I haven’t bothered to learn enough about the details of this whole lockout thing to take a definitive side, one thing I really agree with the owners on is the need to fix the rookie wage system. When Sam Bradford signed that ridiculous guaranteed contract last year without having played a down (like many rookies have in the last couple years), it ticked me off. And I know it ticked off lots of the veteran guys who have played before. Putting some kind of system in place to curb that ridiculousness is a good idea – so I’m glad that appears to have happened.

I am getting ready for football here now. I’ve been able to survive the lull in the action by following golf like I usually do – but it’s always around British Open time that I start remembering that football season is right around the corner. The best thing about this whole lockout thing – I think it’s given our guys a chance to really relax and heal their bodies. I’m thinking we come into the year more refreshed than most defending Super Bowl Champs.