Check out this list of still-available free agents


Just came across this list over at Although some pretty major deals have already happened, looking at this list you realize just how much talent is still out there. It’s amazing. Here are some more decent guys that wouldn’t be TOO much of a stretch to consider:

  • WR Steve Smith (from the NYG) – though probably too expensive, his style of play would fit well with what we do – very solid player.
  • G Justin Blalock (Atl) – decent player, though I think Colledge was let go b/c we have other decent backups there.
  • RB Darren Sproles (SD) – would be too pricey perhaps, but great return guy and nice shifty 3rd down back
  • FB Vonta Leach (HOU, former Packer) – he has turned into a very good player, a big part of why Arian Foster has been so good – may be worth the price.


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    […] Free agent possibilities are listed at packergeeks, but they're of the pipe dream variety. […]

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