Vikes quietly add Aromashodu – possibly McNabb too


Read here. This may be an indication that the Vikes are concerned they won’t be able to keep Sidney Rice. But either way, I think this is a good move. Aromashodu spent last year in the doghouse of Mike Martz (this article says Lovie Smith, but if I recall, I believe it was Martz – either way, he was in a doghouse).I know he hasn’t done much in his career, but he flashed some serious potential in 2009. In those last 4 games, he started to look like one of those huge WRs that guys just can’t defend well (like Rice in fact). It’s worth a gamble for the Vikes and my guess is that the gamble will pay off quicker than most imagine (in part because defenses are already scrambling to stop AP and Harvin).

Now, if they add McNabb (which looks likely at the moment), they could suddenly become a decent team again. I don’t like McNabb, I think he’s decent but overrated and his way just annoys me. Unfortunately, that is how I feel about most Vikings – which is why I’m concerned he might just be a good fit there.

On the other hand, if they don’t add McNabb, I think there is a decent chance the Vikes go 5-11.

4 Responses to “Vikes quietly add Aromashodu – possibly McNabb too”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    I’m not really impressed with Aromashodu. Three or four good games that he had a year and a half ago is not a lot to be making a big case on.

    A bigger problem for the Vikings is their defense. It got lost in the drama over Favre’s decline last year, but their defense (particularly the pass rush) had a major drop-off too. The Williams wall and Jared Allen weren’t getting it done, and they’ll be another year older in 2011 (and didn’t I hear one of the WIlliamses will be retiring?)

    We’ll see how things go, but right now I’m comfortable picking the Vikings for last place in the NFC North this year.


  2. Travis Says:

    And they just lost Rice as he will be signing with the Seahawks.

  3. packergalmke Says:

    With a relatively new head coach and a relatively new QB, the Vikings will be at the bottom of the division.

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