Mike Freeman on crack re Hasselbeck worship


Check out this random, unabashed Matt Hasselbeck-worship post. I don’t get it. Hasselbeck was good a few years back but he’s bordering on awful now. (I must say – this is hard for me to write because I like Hasselbeck as a person..but he’s just not good anymore.) Don’t believe me? Check out his awful stats for the past 3 seasons:

  • was injured for 13 of 50 games
  • had an average QB rating of 68.7
  • had an average pass completion percentage of  of 57%
  • threw 34 TDs to 44 INTs

Sorry Mike Freeman – if Tenn gets to the playoffs it will be because Chris Johnson has 4000 yards, not because of Hasselbeck. If I were Tenn I would have gone after Kyle Orton or even McNabb.

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