Barnett gone


Barnett tweeting that he is done as a Packer. This is a wise management move, we’ll save cap space. Only thing we’ll miss by letting him go at this point is depth (Bishop and Hawk are both better than Barnett at this point…Bishop always was). He would be a nice player to keep around for depth purposes but not at his price.

I do want to thank Barnett though for some quality years in there as our MLB. He was a tough player at times and I always (almost always) appreciated the way he played – enthusiastically.


2 Responses to “Barnett gone”

  1. DaveK Says:

    Cutting him at this point in just another class move by the Packer organization. They could have kept him until the end of training camp in case of injury to Hawk or Bishop or waited until a team because of injury was desperate to trade for a MLB. This lets Nick take full advantage of free agency and this isn’t the first time the Packers have done something like this for a player even though it would have been in their better interest to wait a month or so.

  2. Joe Says:

    DaveK – you make a great point. TT often gets hammered for focusing too much on the business of the game. But decisions like this demonstrate that he is a class act. He might not be great with a mic in his face but I think he is a decent guy who does consider the interests of the players and the team.

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