Kids confused, traumatized by Hurricane Dora


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  1. Travis Says:

    So as of now, it sounds like when the new deal is reached (possibly within a couple hours), the salary cap will be 120 million.

    According to multiple sources, the Packers are at the cap now.

    That doesn’t sound too good, considering the rookies who need to be signed, and players who will need new deals. And any of our free agents we want to sign on top of that.

    I understand we got some cutting to do. But it doesn’t open up that much space, from what I can tell. I didn’t take a very big look at it but I think the Packers have their work cut out for them.

    Cullen is as good as gone in my opinion. But it would of been nice to replace him somehow. Seems like it won’t be an easy task.

    It sounded like we were going to try and hang onto James Jones. But by doing that, he will probably be getting 3-4 maybe even 5 million a year. Good chunk of cap space there.

    Crosby needs a new contract

    Korey Hall and Kuhn. One will most likely be kept.

    So if we were to keep Jones, Crosby and Kuhn + our rookies we need some space to make that happen. Like I said, there will likely be cuts, but were in a very tight situation with the cap in my opinion.

    Nevermind what happens next year. Finley’s contract is running out, Jordy, Clay Matthews. Rodgers may need one soon, as will Jennings. Plus more. Obviously they all won’t be re-signed next year, but each of these guys would have big contracts.

    Just too many stars, with not enough cap room. It’s sad but a few trades could be coming soon, but all these guys I don’t wanna see go. Fun to watch, great people, and great players.

  2. DaveK Says:

    Travis –

    Honestly, I think they are fine this year with cap room. They will be $9 million under when they release Tauscher, Harrell, and Poppinga. They get another $3.5 million in the new CBA for “veteran contracts” which essentially pushes of the hard cap upby $3.5 million for every team for one year only. That gives them $12.5 million space under the cap with very little pain. That will be enough money to cover rookies and sign guys like Kuhn, Smith, Crosby, etc….

    Plus, Brandon Chillar and Barnett will both not be on the team this year. Cutting Chillar saves $2.05 million and cutting Barnett would save $5.87 million. Not sure which way they are going to go but they are NOT going to keep four high priced inside LB’s. So…if they really want to keep Jones or Jackson they could cut Chillar and/or Barnett to make that happen.

    Please also note that the ‘rule of 51’ will apply until the final roster cut. So, even though they will have 80 guys on the roster real soon only the top 51 highest paid players count against the cap until the final roster cut. So, if a free agent rookie makes the final roster it will knock someone else off the final roster basically cancelling out the cap implication. For example, If 6th round pick Ricky Elmore actually makes the roster then it probably knocks Walden or another OLB off the roster. So….these late round picks and rookie FA’s really don’t count against the cap until the final cut per the ‘rule of 51’ and even then they are probably replacing a higher priced veteran. This is where the draft is SO important. If you can replace guys like Poppinga with undrafted or late round rookies you start saving nice chunks of cap space.

    Also, the new CBA appears to allow teams to “borrow” $3 million from next year for one year only. I doubt TT “borrows” money from next year to sign a FA but he might “borrow” to extend someone currently on the roster who is up for FA next year like Sitton, Wells, Jordy, or Finley. I am guessing Jordy might get that $3 million and be extended around the bye week. Sitton will also be a high priority and might get an extension during the season OR he might get the franchise tag before a long term cap friendly deal worked out. Finley is the big question mark in my mind. He’ll have to prove he can stay healthy before getting a big new deal but if he has a MONSTER year and stays healthy he will break the bank in FA.

  3. awhayes Says:

    quality davek.

  4. DaveK Says:

    Thanks – love the cap….glad it’s back!

  5. packergalmke Says:

    Change of topic here, but the players are to report on Friday, July 29th. Football has arrived!

  6. packergalmke Says:

    Another topic change here: This from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

    Like a lot of teams, the Packers didn’t waste any time reaching agreements with undrafted rookies Monday.

    Wide receiver Tori Gurley of South Carolina and safety Anthony Bratton of Delaware both agreed to terms on a contract and will sign deals when the signing period officially begins Tuesday at 9 a.m., sources said.

    The 6-4, 211-pound Gurley, an undrafted rookie, played two seasons for the Gamecocks and caught 44 passes for 465 yards and four touchdowns last season. He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.59 and his arms 35-inch arm length was the longest of any receiver at the combine.

    The 6-0, 213-pound Bratton recorded 66 tackles with two interceptions last season. He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.50 seconds at his campus Pro Day workout and also posted a 37-inch vertical leap.

    Bratton made an official visit to the Packers prior to the draft.

    In addition to Gurley and Bratton, Utah wide receiver Shaky Smithson indicated on his Twitter account that he had agreed to terms with the Packers. Smithson also visited the Packers prior to the draft.

    The 5-11, 202-pound Smithson only started four games in ’10. He caught 25 passes for 383 yards (15.3) and three touchdowns. He ranked first in the nation in punt return average at 19.07 (two touchdowns) after ranking 33rd (9.46) in 2009. He ranked 61st in kickoff returns at 24.1 yards.

    UPDATE: Another reported addition to the roster will be Ohio State running back Brandon Saine. His agent, Dana Kaufman said this morning that he was putting the final touches on a contract..

    In four seasons with the Buckeyes, the 5-11, 220-pound running back rushed 301 times for 1,408 yards (4..4 average) and nine touchdowns. He also caught 55 passes for 616 yards and eight touchdowns.

    Saine ran the 40-yard dash in 4.43 seconds at the scouting combine and registered a vertical jump of 34 1/2 inches.

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