Agreement within reach


OK – I admit, I thought things would be resolved by the end of June. But I’m glad that things appear to be headed toward a proper conclusion here a few weeks later. One of the things I am pleased to read about (here) is that there will be a new  rookie wage system. While I haven’t bothered to learn enough about the details of this whole lockout thing to take a definitive side, one thing I really agree with the owners on is the need to fix the rookie wage system. When Sam Bradford signed that ridiculous guaranteed contract last year without having played a down (like many rookies have in the last couple years), it ticked me off. And I know it ticked off lots of the veteran guys who have played before. Putting some kind of system in place to curb that ridiculousness is a good idea – so I’m glad that appears to have happened.

I am getting ready for football here now. I’ve been able to survive the lull in the action by following golf like I usually do – but it’s always around British Open time that I start remembering that football season is right around the corner. The best thing about this whole lockout thing – I think it’s given our guys a chance to really relax and heal their bodies. I’m thinking we come into the year more refreshed than most defending Super Bowl Champs.


2 Responses to “Agreement within reach”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Packers’ front office telling players “show up Saturday”:

  2. AZWarrior Says:

    So now that it looks like THERE WILL BE A SEASON, ahem. What will be the point of the first two pre-season games. Usually it’s to decide which draftees and free agent pick-ups have a chance a making the team. But his year, no one in either of those two catagories has even had a play book to study. No mini-camps, etc. So how much of the playbook and play-calling “lingo” are these guys going to pick up in two weeks? Not enough to function well in games I suspect.

    So what do y’all think?

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