Al Harris to get Super Bowl ring – nice


read here. nice.

3 Responses to “Al Harris to get Super Bowl ring – nice”

  1. PackerBelle Says:

    I’m glad. Al is a class act on and off the field. And he left the Packers gracefully, even though I’m sure it wasn’t his first choice. While he didn’t play in any game this season he was still a member of the team while on the PUP list and I think this is very deserving.

    Kudos the Packers organization for a very classy move.

  2. goodeggblog Says:

    So proud of Al and all he has done for Green Bay and Wisconsin. He totally deserves this ring and to be part of Packer Nation for life. Class act!

  3. Gene Nemetz Says:

    This is a bad gesture. If Al Harris deserves a Super Bowl ring then so does Brett Favre. It’s odd to me that people don’t see how the defense improved with him off the team. Al Harris was bad for the image of the Green Bay Packers. He should rather be on the cover of High Times.

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