Interesting Draft


Click here for the full list of Packer draft picks. Initial thoughts:

  • Glad we picked up an OLB, a DT, a CB and a DE. We do have depth on our D – but we have room for improvement w/respect to quality. We do need numbers especially along the D-Line so taking a DT and a DE in particular makes sense.
  • I like Davon House mostly because there will be fan chaos if he returns a pick for a TD…taking it to the____.
  • I did find it curious that we took 2 TEs. One of them, as the link above indicates, will probably be used more for special teams if they both make the team.
  • DE Rick Elmore has an interesting name for a guy nowadays. Rick. Seems like an 80’s flashback pick.
  • I really like what I’ve read about Alexander Green’s pass catching ability. I stand well-opposed in my opinion that we need to upgrade at #3 RB. Jackson has brought quality blocking and good pass-catching and I really like his attitude. But I still think we can improve at the #3 RB and this Green guy looks good.
  • I like getting a return guy. It bothered me every time Williams, Woodson or even Jordy would go back for a kick/punt. Those guys weren’t ever really that good at returning and it always just seemed that we were taking on unnecessary risks by putting them back there.
  • I like that we picked up a highly rated OT and an OG with big upside and a great name (Schlauderaff).

8 Responses to “Interesting Draft”

  1. BubbaOne Says:

    Re TE:
    I was sure TT would take a TE in this draft for several reasons (Finley’s injury status, his FA status, and helping in the run O), but two was surprising. It makes more sense when I remember it’s become a passing league. The TE/H-Back gives MM many more scheme options than FB. (Besides, I think Hall’s injury history and QJ’s limited talents put them on the bubble).
    One scheme: 3 TE pckg w/ one lining up in the back field. They could run from this or all 3 could split out wide. The size and speed of Finley, Quarless, and Williams would be a match up nightmare. We have the “Big 5” already, they could be part of the “Jumbo 5”.

    BTW-Do you think Jerry Angelo gets a chance to be a pitchman for Verizon Wireless; “Commissioner…can you hear me now?”

  2. BubbaOne Says:

    You wrote “Glad we picked up an OLB, a DT, a CB and a DE”

    I think it’s more likely:
    ILB-Smith (weak-side)

  3. Dave K Says:

    This offense was good last year…now they get Finley and Cobb as additional weapons. Can you imagine the formation combinations and mis-matches running through MM’s head right now? I’m worried his head might explode before this fall! MM could go with 5 wide with both Finley and Cobb split out as WR’s in each slot. Then at the last second move Finley in the normal TE spot or FB and have Cobb in the backfield and you still have Driver/Jennings/Jordy as WR’s. Run…pass…play action to Driver on the slant or Jennings over the top..draw play to Cobb…Finley up the seam?!! Defensive coordinators won’t know whether to switch to dime package or run base.

    Add in a good PR/KR and the starting field positions improves 10 yards per series which helps the offense but also the defense. Holy Cow! If they can all stay healthy and pass protect this offense could be very special this next year. I’m talking 2000 Rams special as far as offense but with a defense that can actually stop somebody.

    I know. I know….a little too enthusiastic but what the hell!

  4. RayMidge Says:

    Speaking of the 80’s, I obviously have no idea what kind of guy he is but Blaine Gabbard looks like and has the name of the classic 80’s d-bag character . . . I was slightly disappointed he didn’t wear a pastel t-shirt and blazer combo to the draft.

    I was very pleased with the selections of Sherrod and Cobb, and from the coverage/draft recaps it seems like the 4th round CB and 7th round DT might have been steals who can be groomed to become big contributors in the 3-4 system.

    Most of all what is fun about the post-Super Bowl TT era is the feeling that whoever they pick has a chance to contribute beause the front office and scouts really know what they are doing. Checking in on the draft is just another reminder that its a lot of fun to root for a class organization with smart people running the show. Hope we have football this year so we can see how these new guys will fit in.

  5. Schaefer Says:

    my gut tells me that Schlauderaff will be the steal of the draft….this is based on nothing other than he is a late round pick who is described as nasty.

  6. Gene Nemetz Says:

    Green Bay was carried by defense last year. Clay Mathews should have been the MVP of the Super Bowl. Aaron Rogers really wasn’t the difference in the game.

    I have the highest respect for Dom Capers. If he thought these draft picks would make the defense better then I expect to be seeing an even better defense.

    I heard you on Dennis Miller and thought I’d look at your web site. I’ve been a Green Bay fan since the 70’s when John Hadl was the QB. I’m still put out with the front office though with how awfully they handled Brett Favre. I actually was pulling for them to lose the Super Bowl because of it.

  7. TheChoj Says:

    Off topic, but met Clay Matthews today in the Phoenix airport. Super nice guy. Took all the will that I possess not to geek out when I saw him

  8. Nick Says:

    Looks like Cullen Jenkins expects to leave. Thats not news, but that he would take LESS to play here is. He seems like a stand-up guy.

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