Packer 2011 Schedule


Check here for the schedule. My initial impression, and I hate to say this, is that this looks like a relatively easy schedule. I particularly like that 3 of the last 4 games are at home. Nice.

16 Responses to “Packer 2011 Schedule”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    I think the Packers have a real solid shot to go 8-0 at home with this schedule. The two toughest home games should be the Saints and Bears. And if the Bears season goes anything like last year, by week 16, Cutler will be ready to run and hide at the thought of Clay Matthews coming for him.

    The Saints I think will be the hardest win–the pass defense will have to be ready to go right out of the gate. And their defense will be planning all off-season on how to stop Rodgers &co.

    As for the road games, I’m less confident. Unless the Panthers and Vikings have miracle turn-arounds, those games should be wins. The rest of them could be some tough games (and don’t overlook KC–their defense is good, and it’s always tough to play at Arrowhead).

    If they aren’t hit too hard by injuries, I think the Packers can get to 12 wins on this schedule. Should be enough to win the NFC North, a bye week, and maybe even HFA.


  2. Dave K Says:

    I really like the fact this team gets 10 days off after the season opener. The off-season may be really short this year and to get 10 days prep after playing a real game could really help this team. Plus, the Bears get the Saints for their home opener after the same 10 days rest in week 2.

    Week 8 bye which is good.

    They play two games four days apart but they then get 10 days off after the Thanksgiving game to prepare for the @ Giants.

    They get the Chargers after the Packer bye week. The Chargers play the Chiefs the week before which will be a very important game for them.

    The catch two teams after their bye weeks. Rams in week 6 and Vikings in week 10.

    They finish with 3 out of 4 at home. Playing two dome/warm weather (Raiders/Lions) teams in December at Lambeau is nice.

    Only three games on fake grass. (Det, Atlanta, MN) Not sure if that is a pro or con anymore with the way Rodgers and the offense play inside.

  3. travis Says:

    The schedule release more than anything just pissed me off, because it makes me think of lockout. I just don’t get why both.. BOTH parties get their act together and work on a deal. They can get a deal done, a fair one for both sides if they just hammered down and worked one out. Even if it takes 2 weeks of going hard at a deal.. Fine, but get it done and get your people there.

    All we got left is the draft.. Which I am excited for like every year, but after that there is nothing left. Its frustrating cause in a normal year off seasons are slow enough.. But it is still great to hear what’s going on with the pack and rest of league.

    The lockout is unbelievably frustrating. They will all lose money with no season. Doesn’t it make sense to work things out. Its crazy how they don’t seem too concerned and don’t care to get things done right now.

  4. Nick Says:

    Last season I went through the schedule and predicted a 10-6 record based on who we played. Now – I was WAY off on who we beat/lost to, but it worked out ok.

    I look at this schedule, and barring any massive injuries (knocking on wood), I see this team going 12-4/13-3. I dont have confidence the NFC North will be any good minus the Pack (I think the Bears were a fluke….again), and I think the saints,bucs, and KC will regress. Also – I think the Giants and Chargers are beatable.

    Now, in the playoffs (assuming I’m correct), I dont know. A team could get hot like the Pack did last year and blow everyone up – or we could cruise back to the SB.

    Either way – schedule seems favorable, and I cant wait for it to start (if, of course, it does).

  5. Joe Says:

    I’m a little concerned the 3 games in 11 days crap in weeks 10-12. Regardless of who you play having to prep for 3 games in that short of a stretch is tough.

  6. travis Says:

    Anyone else notice the vikings games are 315, and monday night. Unless favre’s coming back?? Shouldn’t those be noon games. Vikes are prob gonna be a wreck this year

  7. PackerBelle Says:

    It is nice to see the Vikings coming to Green Bay in November rather than September/October like they have been.

    Thanksgiving in Detroit could be tough, the Lions have made strides the past couple of years and they always play hard on Thanksgiving. And let’s not foget we lost to them last season.

    I see a lot of games where teams will be wanting revenge – Bears, Falcons, Giants, etc. But I also can see the Packers playing well in these games too.

    • Nick Says:

      the Pack will have a massive target on their backs all year bc of the super bowl win. This will make the whole season hard. Lesser teams and QB’s would fold under this pressure – but I’m pretty sure ARodg is nearly unflappable.

      • PackerBelle Says:

        I agree that they have a target on their back. I just think some of these games there will be more of a motivation than just wanting to beat the champs. The Giants we embarassed and knocked out of playoff contention. The Falcons we embarassed in Atlanta and stopped them from getting their first playoff win in awhile. And the Bears we came into their house and beat them to win the Halas trophy and go to the Super Bowl.

        I do agree that A-Rodg is fairly unflappable. And we have a lot of good players coming back from IR. Assuming the season gets played, I think this could be another good year for the Pack.

    • Dave K Says:

      Yeah, I don’t worry about Rodgers and feeling the pressure anymore. Not after he endured the first couple Favre/Vikings games, the NFC championship game, and the Superbowl. He handled the massive pressure in each of those games and played well in all of them.

      But, I agree with PackerBelle in that you will have some teams that have their game with the Packers circled on the schedule the day training camp starts. No game will be more important to the Bears and their fans then week 3. I think many of them would trade their season to put a beat down on the Packers in week 3. The Giants and Falcons know if they want to take the next step they will have to beat the Packers. Simply put, the Packers are going to get their opponents best effort every single week. That will be a good thing come playoff time.

  8. Dave K Says:

    Jolly’s case surprisingly was resolved today. His received five years probation and mandatory rehab for his 2008 arrest. His second arrest this year was dismissed pending him not violating his probation terms for the 2008 arrest. He was ordered to spend 90 days in rehab. Early August would be the earliest he would get out of rehab if he meets the requirements of the facility. I’m guessing he probably will not be close to being in playing shape for 2011 and regardless I bet the NFL suspends him for another year. Someone probably gives him a shot in 2012 to make a team but I’m guessing it won’t be TT.

  9. Travis Says:

    I just hope Jolly realizes he needs to focus more on straightening out his life right now than to worry about football.

    First he screwed up his career in football. Had a perfect opportunity that only few get a chance to experience, and he screwed it up.

    And because he hasn’t learned from the past, he’s on track to screw up his life. He’s going from famous (he was somewhat with potential to be really famous) to a guy with nothing left in his life.

    I had hope for him after his first bust. I thought, you know what, I think he’s smart enough to realize what just happened. What he was a part of, and was risking losing. Maybe during a season, being part of this great team, especially around some great people like A rod and Jennings, he was happy, and had no problem being a good guy. But when he goes back home to his “friends,” he no longer has that thought inside that helps guide him in the right direction.

    I lost hope. I don’t think he gets it. As hard as it is to say, its his fault, he deserved this. I just hope that he can figure things out. Focus on getting his life back. He screwed up his football, lets hope he doesn’t screw up his life. He already threw a lot of it away, I hope he doesn’t let go of the rest. He might not have football, but I hope he realizes there is a lot to life to live for, and its not his “friends” back home that seem to help him go in the wrong direction

  10. Dave in Tucson Says:

    I think that if Jolly can manage to stay clean (a major ‘if’ at this point, to be sure), and serve out his suspension without further incident, and stay healthy, someone will give him a chance.

    The guy was a playmaker in ’09; if he ever gets reinstated there’s bound to be at least one team willing to give him a chance to make plays on their behalf.


  11. 56Coop Says:

    Off topic…

    Glad to here it but he sure seems to b e quite fond of himself.

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