Jolly can’t leave the codeine alone


Thanks Nick for bringing this to my attention. Wow. Jolly busted again. Not sure about the rules and regs for this, but my guess is he’ll definitely be done now with the Packers and likely football too. Sad.



7 Responses to “Jolly can’t leave the codeine alone”

  1. Dave K Says:

    600 grams of codeine. That is almost a pound and a half of codeine!! There are 1,000 milligrams in a gram. The standard dose is 10 mg.
    So….he had about 60,000 doses of codeine in his car. Holy crap that is a bunch. Forget the NFL, he might be going to prison for a few years.

  2. Dave K Says:

    A.P. just reported he is being charged with intent to distribute which is much more severe then just possession. Plus, his previous drug charge is now back in play as he just voided his plea deal.

  3. Travis Says:

    Wow, incredible. Jolly, can’t stick up for you on this, that was plain stupid.

    It’s sad. He was a great football player. And we could of really benefited from having him back this year. All that though, is down the drain. It’s unfortunate.

    But in the end, the only person he can blame is himself. He put himself in that position, and never learned from the first time and put himself in that position again. Now he has severe consequences coming. Whether or not football was a huge passion of his, he will lose that, and most likely several years of his life as he sits in a jail cell.

    Not a great way to go from playing the game you love all your life and making millions of dollars, to sitting in a jail cell with nothing left in your life. He screwed it up, and he can’t get it back.

    I don’t wish bad against people, but I can’t feel sorry for him because he did this to himself. The first time, I felt bad for him. I thought he realized he really screwed up. I thought he realized the things that he was doing was taking away from a lot of his life.

    But I think I was wrong. As were a lot of people hoping for him. And it showed, when he would show up to court in jeans. He never took it seriously. And now we know why. He doesn’t care. It’s so unfortunate, for him to just not care and throw it all away. He could of had it way better. He could of lived a life much more meaningful. But he chose not to. So unfortunate.

    I give second chances. But when you make the same mistake again, your on your own. Sorry Jolly, your on your own. Hope you enjoyed your time with the Packers. Hope you realized what you did, and everything you just lost. Hopefully you can become a better man some day, and realize you threw away your dream of football. You had the talent. You did great those couple years. But now thats over.


  4. Josh Says:

    Very disappointing. Jolly seemed like a very good fit as a 3-4 end. I still remember his interception of Cutler in the 2009 season opener. But I agree with most of the comments already made, it’s nobody’s fault except his and it is almost assured that he will never be a Packer again.

    An unrelated bit of good news, Green Bay was given a compensatory 4th round pick for losing Aaron Kampman.

  5. Nick Says:

    I think Cullen Jenkins is probably going to get a fat old contract because of this….

    At least I hope so. Better to have a sure thing than a draft pick – but TT thinks opposite of that, I think.

  6. CindyV Says:

    When Jolly was in Green Bay , he hung around with Donald Driver and Greg Jennings. but when he went back to Houston, he always seem to hang with the wrong crowd. He should have stayed in Green Bay. It may not be as exciting as Houston, but then Jolly wouldn’t be looking at prison time, either.

  7. Joe Says:

    Well, I guess making millions of dollars playing pro-football was not enough excitement for Jolly. I wonder what parts of prison he’ll like the best. What a dumb-ass.

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