Barnett to be shopped?


Read here from – reliable source indicating Barnett to be traded or released. This wouldn’t surprise me much. I have wondered a bit for a while now if TT hasn’t been keen on Barnett – like Barnett doesn’t fit the mold character-wise. I have definitely appreciated what Barnett has done for this team and the effort he regularly brought. But the most important factor, his play, has seriously declined since his knee injury. Even in decline, he wasn’t BAD, but he certainly is not the player he was. (Not even mentioning the injury issues…) All of this would lead me to not being surprised if he’s not a Packer next year. I had held out some thought that he could compete at OLB, but with Walden, Chillar, maybe Zombo (and likely a draft pick…pretty sure we’ll be drafting for this position), we’re probably going to be fine.

6 Responses to “Barnett to be shopped?”

  1. BadgerDave Says:

    TT doesn’t like old, expensive players (especially when the replacements are an improvement)

    It’s not some personal vendetta. Sure Barnett wasn’t drafted by TT but TT hasn’t been there long enough for his picks to be old.

    Barnett at OLB? really?

  2. CindyV Says:

    We’ve fine without Barnett the last half of the season. I wonder if his hissy fit about the team photo sealed the deal for his departure. No one like it when family business gets aired in public.

  3. Dave K Says:

    A few weeks ago Barnett tweeted, “If I didn’t play for packers would you guys still have my back?” I think that is very telling.

    When all is kosher and Barnett is the starting MLB it probably isn’t a problem but I’m guessing there is a risk of him being a problem if he doesn’t get his job back. I think the same thing factored into he Al Harris decision this past season. Certain guys bring energy and passion to the team when playing well but when asked to accept anything other then a primary role they don’t handle it well. Their ego and demeanor once an asset become a divisive locker room issue. I obviously have no idea but that is my guess observing him on twitter the past year and how Rodgers handled the team photo dust up before the Superbowl. Rodgers doesn’t tweet anything during the season without a purpose. What he said to Barnett was intentional and I’m guessing it was something building over the season. Rodgers was sending him a message to back off and that week wasn’t about him but about the team.

    All that being said I still think Barnett is a quality player. He has some value to another team. How that plays out with his salary and the CBA I don’t think anyone knows.

    I am also in over my head when I start trying to project him as an OLB. I know he has played MLB his entire career and his size/height are an issue for OLB but the guy can play football. If Popinga or Jones can function at OLB I can’t imagine that Barnett couldn’t make it work. Jones is listed as a whopping 6 pounds heavier then Barnett and one inch taller. I would think you could do some special things with Matthews/Hawk/Bishop/Barnett on the field at the same time but I readily admit I have no idea if Barnett has the tools to play OLB in Caper’s 3-4. Maybe he has the tools to be an average OLB and they just don’t want to pay someone $6 million to be average. Just thinking out loud I guess….

  4. Nick Says:

    It would have to wait until after the CBA is completed. Teams arent allowed to trade/sign/release players until that is resolved. I think if he were going to be released, it wouldve happened with Hawk. Now, a trade is possible – but I dont see them releasing him this year. Next year, when they have a lot of FA’s to sign, it would make more sense.

    What could you get in a trade for him? I think he could be pretty valuable – he still has a marquee name, even though GB could probably succeed without him (case in point, Dallas, Feb. 6th).

    I’ll bet you could get as high as a second rounder for him.

  5. travis Says:

    I personally don’t see a trade likely. Teams know our position and unless Ted is willing to swallow 6 million, we will have to cut him. And that’s why I don’t see a team willing to give up anything when they could wait till he’s a FA…

    The only way is if multiple teams are interested in him, then a team may be willing to give up a draft pick for him.. But at this point I doubt there is much interest. He was a great player in the past, but you can’t say that now, never mind plenty of question marks to go along.

    • Nick Says:

      I agree he isnt a GREAT player, and teams may be willing to wait it out until hes a FA – but you never know with some of those deperate teams that need a solid LB. He is still better than probably 75% of LB’s out there. Im sure Carolina, Detroit, Buffalo, etc. would love to have him.

      I hope its a trade….would suck to lose him for nothing.

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